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August 31, 2015

Confessions of a Closet Procrastinator

Confessions of a Closet Procrastinator

There’s a reason I’m just writing my Monday post on Monday night, not over the weekend when I had PLENTY of time. No, I am not sick and the dog did not eat my Macbook. I am a closet procrastinator. It’s true. I can hear my college roommates, who watched me study well in advance, scoff at this admission, and my clients scratch their heads because I rarely miss a deadline, but let me tell you: I put off shit all. the. time. Important shit, like my home owners insurance, and not so important shit like the laundry. The worst is when I walk by a pile of papers, the kind that sit in the bottom of my massive tote bag until I decide to put them on the dining room table and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about them. Most people would just never know this because I only procrastinate when know one’s looking and on things no one else but me will know about. It’s my dirty little secret. Or was. I’ve identified two key reasons that I let some things go until the very last minute: One, because I’m insecure about them, like understanding my mortgage insurance, pitching a story, or creating a complex Power Point (WHY!). Two, and the  much sneakier, more pervasive reason: I am overwhelmed by all of the little things that constantly need to get done that I just throw in the dish towel and read a book. Chores aren’t fun, they’re dumb. HOWEVER. My therapist/shaman priestess/modern medicine woman (who you should totally call if you need a loving kick in the you-know-what), suggested that I might implement a new organization system that means less wasted time, more time for me. I’m listening . . . She refers to it as “first in, first out.” Meaning, as soon as you have a bill in your hand, you pay it. You don’t move it from room to room, pile to pile. Just like when you read an email that you could answer right now, don’t read it five more times that day before responding. That isn’t just procrastination, it’s a time suck. I’ve been following this method for a couple weeks and, a few hectic days aside when I left dirty dishes in the sink and decided to sleep instead of returning a rug and an unfortunately cut sports bra, I’m kind of amazed at how easy and effective it is. When my mindset is do it now there’s far less chance of putting off even the littlest tasks that pile up quickly. Try it, you might like it!

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