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August 24, 2015

Trust Your Gut—Or Call My Celebrity Psychic

Trust Your Gut—Or Call My Celebrity Psychic

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I’d like to say that I fully trust myself, but that would be a lie (ha). My gut is good about twitching when I meet a person who doesn’t seem honorable, or a situation that makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable. I know to pay attention to those red flags. I’m also a good judge of character, evidenced by the kind and generous friends, co-workers and partners who daily fill me with gratitude. But when it comes to those big, pressure-cooker decisions like what should I do with my life, and am I ever going to fall in love (or for the love of god when), my gut goes a bit haywire. There’s a difference between knowing yourself and actually listening to that little voice inside that often surprises you, the one that wants and feels things that you are too afraid to acknowledge. That’s when I turn to Spirit. Now, this is beauty blog not a religious one, but you all seem to respect—or at least humor—my forays into the metaphysical world. Whether you believe in God or Allah or angels, we are all talking about the same thing: A positive force bigger than ourselves. They are looking out for us and have our best interests at heart. So when I’m twisting in the wind in the trust department, I turn to people who can help me get in touch with my spirit guides. It’s my version of prayer. Michael Bodine is one of those mentors. Of all of the intuitives I’ve worked with, he has the most direct line to spirit. Which means, he can tell you with hyper-accuracy why you are on this planet and how to use the gifts that you came with. Isn’t that what we are all seeking, a higher purpose? If you knew what it was, would you not feel more at peace and realize that all you have to do is start trusting yourself more? As for THE FUTURE, a good psychic only shares good things because Spirit is only here to help us.

Trust Your Gut—Or Call My Celebrity Psychic

Like most intuitives Michael is humble to a fault (alas, they do not all look like rockstars). He probably won’t tell you that he counts Demi Moore, Matthew McConaughey and the late Patrick Swayze among his regulars. He also may have no idea just how scary accurate he is. Like the friend of mine in San Francisco who was having the worst time buying a house. Michael told her not to worry; the house had already been “ordered” and was set to arrive on June 18. Which it did. To the date. Michael is so good that psychic friends of mine go see HIM for guidance. Fortunately for us, he loves everyday people, too. You can meet Michael in person at his Minneapolis office, or set up a call with him. Either way, don’t be put off by the $300 session. It will be one of the most significant hours of your life and worth every penny if you are in state of transition or in need of a serious gut check—trust me.

To schedule a reading, visit or text him at 612.770.5889. Then you must tell me all about your experience! 


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