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August 11, 2015

We Tried It: Sugaring

We Tried It: Sugaring | Beauty Bets

Have you been wondering what the deal is with sugaring? Me too. I’ve been hearing about it everywhere. And, like those late-night Nads infomercials I couldn’t resist, I was more than happy to tackle this slightly gnarly beauty topic at Bets’ request (she is lasered to the hilt so doesn’t feel our pain). We do have an unspoken rule at BB, and that is NO HAIR LEGS ON THE BLOG. So you’ll need to use your imagination from here on out.

We Tried It: Sugaring | Beauty Bets

Although sugaring is new to mainstream, it’s actually an ancient practice, tried and tested by women in Eastern cultures for thousands of years, so you know it’s gotta be good. Unlike the other messy waxing treatments you may have tried, sugaring is less painful since it doesn’t stick to the skin as much as other wax, and can even effectively diminish hair growth over repeated use. I chose to put Sugar StripEase to the test because it’s chemical- and cruelty-free, and just arrived stateside after being the bestselling sugaring brand in the UK.

We Tried It: Sugaring | Beauty Bets

Sugar StripEase’s kit set made it easy to give sugaring a go. The set-up is pretty similar to other at home waxing systems but I found that Sugar StripEase was much more effective at removing hair the first go around (rather than leaving your legs patchy like others I’ve tried before. Ew.) And as promised, it was substantially less painful than other waxes, though “pain-free” might be a little of a stretch. Verdict: Sugaring is pretty awesome for summer shorts weather and, at only $20 a jar for three applications, so much cheaper than professional waxing. Win!

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