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June 17, 2015

How To Fill In Your Brows + Totally Change Your Face

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Some people won’t leave the house without lipstick or mascara, but I feel naked without my brows. After over-tweezing them in college (DON’T DO IT!), they never fully recovered and remain totally sparse and embarrassing. See above! I can hardly stand to post this pic . . . But it just goes to show how critical a solid brow is to framing your face and balancing your features. Mine run large and dark, making a full brow all the more important. So when I get compliments on my brows I have to laugh. But this also tells me it’s time to share my secrets!

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As with all makeup, the brow products and tools you use are key. Especially getting the color right. So many brow fillers run warm, even reddish. I’m partial to powders, which look more natural, blend in more easily with those little hairs, and don’t leave that harsh looking line so many pencils do. Sigma’s Brow Powder Duos (only $14!) come in a range of hues and the two-tone palette means you can adjust the boldness seasonally or depending on your style. I use the Medium shade.

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After combing brows in place with a spoolie (down or up depending on their natural direction), use an angled brush—Sigma’s ($16) works beautifully and also comes with a spoolie on the end in the Brow Expert Kit ($49)—to lightly feather the brow powder into any sparse areas. Less is more to start; you can always layer on more powder. Be sure to blend everything in with the spoolie!

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Can you see the difference? Amiright?! Already I look more polished and pulled together.

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To set the powder and keep brow hairs in place all day, you’ll need a brow gel (clear mascara works great) or this super handy Brow Wax in Sigma’s kit.

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That’s it! What do you think? I swear a fuller brow brings out my eyes and gives me more defined cheekbones. And you’ll notice that I have two differently shaped brows—that’s just how they grow naturally—but I’m learning to embrace them. Perfection is boring!

How do you feel about your brows? Any favorite products or tricks? Do tell. 

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