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June 11, 2015

Beach Week at Bald Head Island


Hello hello, lovelies! If you follow me on Insta then you are painfully aware of the fact that I am at the beach all week. Eight blissful days on Bald Head Island, NC, which I’m convinced is the best-kept vacation secret on earth. About an hour from Wilmington and reachable only by ferry, BHI is one of those blissful places that has no business in our dog-eat-dog world. It is impossible to exert energy here unless it’s of the wine-glass-lifting variety. I swear this island exists for the sole for the purpose of restoring my spirit and reminding me that there is more to life than work. There are no cars on the island, no cell coverage, and no agenda except sleeping, eating and sunning yourself. This is my family’s second annual trip here and it’s safe to say that the tradition will continue as long as we are able to board an airplane and hobble down a boardwalk. Here are a few personal pics from the week. Wish you were here!

My parents, niece and nephew—the lights of my life! There are no cars on the island so everyone travels by bicycle or golf cart. Life would be so much more relaxing if we did that on the mainland.

A furry friend who followed us from her house down to the beach. Dogs are in their element here, swimming and chasing seagulls. Warms my heart.


As if the near-empty white sand beaches weren’t enough, there’s the Shoals Club on Cape Fear Point where we loll about in the afternoons on blue and white striped towels. Funny how easily I slip into this lifestyle . . .


Poolside uniform: gauzy tunic, the best big floppy hat (target!), Ray-Ban aviators, and lots and lots of sunblock.



Gratuitous posing for this insane view. I usually delete full-body shot so it’s an act of self growth to post one of my t-h-i-g-h-s. Enjoy!


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