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March 12, 2015

10 All-Natural Beauty Products You Need to Try Now



We’re back with another round of our Real Beauty column, and this week we’re featuring one of our favorite bloggers and editors, Nicolle Mackinnon! Besides being our go-to natural beauty expert at No More Dirty Looks, Nicolle also works as the executive editor of Thoughtfully Magazine, a publication focused on living your best, thoughtful and inspired life. Speaking of inspired, we’re loving Nicolle’s picks as she dishes on her favorite clean beauty products. Let’s take a peek inside her beauty bag, shall we?

1. E-Cloth: My super-sensitive skin hates harsh cleansers, so I skip them altogether and use an e-cloth to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

2. ARCONA Blue Chamomile Balm: This unassuming moisturizer is one of the products I credit with changing the tone, texture and look of my skin. When I use it consistently, my skin clears up, has less overall redness and is far more balanced, glowing and healthy.

3. GRAYDON The Clinical Luxury Face Food Mineral Mist: A super-simple toner that’s packed with colloidal silver, zinc and copper to kill bacteria and moisturize.

4. Absolution L’Eau du Soir et Matin Cleansing Water: After my e-cloth, I swipe on this cleansing water which has healing helichrysum as a main ingredient (it brightens, hydrates, conditions and defends).

5. Red Apple Girls Lipstick: Not only are these beeswax-free, they’re also gluten-free (I have celiac disease) and vegan. They come in so many gorgeous shades (I love Audrey) that I’ve almost forgotten that I had to throw out my coveted lipstick collection when I learned beeswax made my kisser swell up like an over-inflated balloon. Almost.

6. Tabitha James Kraan Dry Shampoo: This line comes from across the pond and it’s well worth the shipping. I only wash my hair twice a week, so I utilize dry shampoo to mop up oil and sweat on my roots, and this one smells like a bouquet of flowers (with the scent derived solely from essential oils). Plus it works—and it comes in two shades, one for fair hair and one for dark.

7. Osmia Organics Spot Treatment: You can’t get me to go anywhere without this. It’s a miracle in a tiny, roller-ball bottle. My face has never been clearer, thanks to this little guy—it stops cystic bumps in their tracks and has the right combo of essential oils to not dry out my skin.

8. HAUT Cosmetics Brightener in Pink: This brightens and conceals my undereye darkness like nothing I’ve ever tried, and it’s packed with skin-healing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. It comes in multiple colors so if your skintone is more yellow-based, you’ve got options.

9. Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm: I’ve been a supporter of Bets since before she launched her first line and I kind of love that I have a local (shout out to MN!) friend with her own skincare. But that wouldn’t be enough if this didn’t work, which is does. It’s both the best eye cream/balm I’ve used and the best for little dry, flaky spots on my face, skin and hands.

10. INIKA Cosmetics Mineral Foundation: I’m allergic to beeswax which is in SO. MANY. foundations and concealers, so I usually stick to mineral makeup. This one has the best coverage and never looks cakey or crease-y (can I make that a word?).

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