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February 11, 2015

DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art

I’ve always considered my nail game to be on point, but my recent trip to Sally Beauty encouraged me to turn things up a notch. I recently made the pilgrimage to check out their new nail studio wall, and let me tell you—it’s a thing of beauty. The studio boasts over 750 shades and 150 nail care products, which basically makes it nail nirvana. I usually don’t spend too much time pondering the perfect shade, but with so many options I took my sweet time picking out the prettiest polishes I could get my hands on. Needless to say, I’ll be back a few times a month to add even more colors to my always-growing collection.


Feeling a little inspired by the Valentine’s day coming up, I decided on a few of my favorite girly shades and attempted some easy nail art. As someone who doesn’t consider herself to be super coordinated in the nail department (read: not coordinated at all), I always err on the side of pretty and simple. This fool-proof DIY with washi tape is my go-to for simple nail art designs (and it also works well for a DIY French manicure too!)


Here are 5 easy steps to get a perfectly polished nail art look in just a few minutes:

1. Gather your supplies from Sally Beauty’s new Nail Studio. You’ll need a bold base coat (preferably in something Vday-appropriate!), gold polish, and top coat to seal it all in.

2. Give nails two coats of your bright base shade. I wanted to use a cherry red polish that would look both seasonally appropriate and classic—how yummy is Nina Ultra Pro Polish in Cherri Berri?

3. Take a piece of washi tape and cut out a heart shape that’s small enough to fit the nail on your ring finger. I cheat by folding the washi tape in half to cut out the heart! Much easier than free-styling it.

4. Press on the tape and cover with gold glitter polish. I used Orly polish in Luxe. Give yourself about 10 minutes to let the nail polish dry.

5. Carefully remove the washi tape to reveal the heart. Then cover with a generous application of topcoat like Sealon Topcoat to make sure your polish stays for days.


But really, how cute are these hearts for Valentine’s day? Even if you’re not a lover of February 14, we can all get behind a little chic nail art to give yourself a little extra pep in your step. Any holiday nail art you’re planning to try? Let us know – we’re always down for trying a little something new!


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