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February 10, 2015

Self Love Starts Now


I just returned from a long weekend at Miraval Spa & Resort in Tucson, AZ, and am still processing this soul-stirring, life-changing experience. Bear with me while I get my wits—and an in-depth post—about me! What I can tell you is that the theme of the trip (and life, goddammit) was self love. It’s one of the few things we lack in this overly abundant yet embarrassingly discontent culture of ours and I’m on a mission to change that, one day at a time. If you’ve been feeling the aftermath of the holidays, the burn of an achingly empty January, or an ongoing sense that something is missing from your life but you can’t quite put your finger on it, then the first step might very well be to re-acquaint yourself with . . . yourself. Ironically, we avoid avoid avoid numero uno when the going gets sad, lonely or confusing. The hardest and last place we look for love is inside ourselves. If you’re ready to take a baby step or two inward, the best place I know to start is with self care. That could be a massage, mediation, or some healthy new habits. It’s okay and even better to go slow and be easy on yourself. Those are the changes that will stick. Throw in some expert advice, humor and morale support and you’ve got yourself a bona fide awakening. One of the first friends I turn to for help in moments of small (do I really need to give up nuts?!) and major crisis (WTH am I doing with my life?!)  is Katie Jasper. A functional nutritionist, yoga instructor and gorgeous soul through and through, she and her crew at Prescribe Nutrition have created virtual wellness programs that arm men and women everywhere with the tools, recipes and moral support (read: one-on-on coaching + humor) to treat their bodies with kindness. Prescribe 20 starts on Sunday and is made for anyone ready to jumpstart self love. No matter where you live or where you are in your food journey, this 20-day course will change the way you eat and treat the most important person in your life. As if THAT weren’t enough, y’all get to take 20% off with code beautybets AND will enjoy 20% off all One Love Organics orders for participating (and you KNOW we rarely offer discounts!). For more details and to sign up, visit



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