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January 21, 2015

Channeling Kim Kardashian: Aesthetica Contouring Kit


Contouring is one of those things that most of us are scared to try….but once we do we have a hard time living without it. I’m not talking about the Kim K type of contouring, that stuff is for photoshoots and magazine covers. But we can all learn to appreciate a bit of natural, everyday contouring and I’ve found that the Contouring Kit from Aesthetica ($60) makes it super simple. The Aesthetica Contouring Kit comes with six colors for contouring + highlighting as well as super simple instructions for how the shading should be placed depending on your face shape and what you want to accomplish. Don’t worry, not all six shades go on your face! You simply test them out to determine which shades create the most flattering, natural effect on your face, then consult the diagram below to determine where the color should be applied.


I love the dark bronze shade in the lower right of the palette (I’m already wearing a hole in mine!) it’s the perfect matte brown that pops cheekbones while adding a healthy glow. As the diagram suggested, I applied this color all the sides of my face in the shapes of a “3” and backwards “3” and lightly along the sides of my nose using an angled brush. Then I used my favorite fan brush to lightly apply the highlighter (I like the top middle highlighter) to the center of my nose, the arches of my brows, and lightly in the center of my forehead. I think the before/after photo speaks for itself, my face has so much more dimension!

Contouring should help bring a healthy glow of color back into your skin without looking caked on or overwhelming, this palette definitely takes the guesswork out of the entire process and I’m excited to share a special offer with you from Aesthetica. Now through Valentine’s Day (gift to yourself? gift to your girlfriends?) you can get 50% off your entire order at Aesthetica with code BB50 at checkout. Hustle over, because if the Contouring Kit is sold out it’s probably my fault.

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