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January 20, 2015

New Moon, New Beginnings

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Astrology has been a fun hobby for me for as long as I can remember. Who doesn’t want to know when we *might* fall in love, get a raise, change jobs? But more than predictions and party tricks, I am increasingly intrigued by the inner workings of the universe and how they subtly and, in the case of today’s cosmic shift, affect the inner workings of our soul. We are all connected by an energy that is bigger than any one individual. It is the beating heart of humanity that the more you pay attention to will see and feel everywhere. Today’s new moon in Aquarius is so promising I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s a SuperMoon, which means that the moon is closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the sun and the earth at the time of the event. Simply put: This moon is super-potent. According to astrologer Kelley Rosano:

This energy represents new beginnings. You are getting a fresh start and can expect the unexpected. You may take risks that surprise others who know you. All things are possible for you now when you trust your instincts. Lead by your intuition. Liberate your mind first and your freedom will follow. Aquarius reminds you to follow the beat of your own drum. Be unique. Be original. Be who you really are. Today is the first day of your life.

Ummmm, I’ll take it. Meanwhile, Saturn will be there too, giving us strength and endurance, making our goals and ambitions extra supported. I can’t think of anything more exciting! Yet as I write this, I’m not even sure exactly what I want or what these big dreams should be. And I’m not going to try to figure it out. Instead, I plan to go outside and thank that moon for whatever it may bring.



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