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January 9, 2015

Three New Lipstick Looks for the New Year

I never feel fully dressed without something on my lips even if it’s just a clear gloss, but I really prefer bright, bold colors and love seeing my friends experiment with new shades, too. Have you ever met up with a friend who rarely wears lipstick only to have her arrive with a beautiful red lip? Don’t you just want to throw your arms around her neck and tell her how beautiful she looks? That’s what happens when we play up our best features and have fun with color! So, in the spirit of the New Year, let’s throw out any inhibition we have about lipstick and resolve to wear any color we want, wherever we want! I have put together three lipstick looks with Sally Beauty to show you how to embrace shades that bring out the best in everyone: a fuchsia, red, and nude.


The Fuchsia Lip:  I tend to avoid bright, happy pinks in the winter but a deep fuchsia is still something I can wear while there’s snow on the ground. If you have blue eyes then I especially urge you to give it a try.


For this look I used Palladio High Intensity Herbal Lip Balm ($6.99). Although it’s labeled “balm” it actually comes in a chubby pencil form and goes on almost like a lip stain. This product wears so well and the color is so on point.


The Red Lip:  No holiday party is complete without a red lip, and Sally Beauty carries a beautiful line of lipsticks from Femme Couture called Prime Wear Diamond Color. The pigment is intense, opaque and packed with glitter. Would I typically recommend a glittery lipstick? Probably not. But this look is so fun for the holidays that I can’t resist.


This lip was created by lining my lips with Palladio Herbal Precision Lip Liner in Candy Apple ($6.49) and finishing with the Femme Couture Prime Wear Diamond Color lipstick in Prismatic Poppy ($7.99).


The Nude Lip:  I love bright shades but you can’t go wrong with a classic nude lip. Why wear lipstick if it’s nude, you ask? To help finish and polish your look. Nude hues give lips definition and fullness, even out skin tone and make your eyes pop—particularly when paired with a smoky eye.



For this look I lined my lips with Palladio Herbal Precision Lip Liner in Salmon ($6.49) and finished with Femme Couture Lipstick in Bellini Fizz ($7.49).

Interested in trying one of these looks for you? Take the #SallyBeautyChallenge for your chance to win a trip to New York for a full-blown makeover by a professional TV stylist! To enter, create a New Year, New You beauty look and then share it on the challenge tab on the Sally Beauty Facebook page, or upload to your Instagram or Twitter using #SallyBeautyChallenge. For more details, visit here.

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