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January 2, 2015

Beauty Year in Review!



HNY friends! As we head into 2015 (seriously?!), I’m paying my respects to the products that blew my mind or generally rocked the beauty world last year. Would love to hear what some of your favorite discoveries were, too! 

(l to r)  One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil – I can’t help but be proud of this cleanser, which has already developed a cult-like following. Because washing your face should be fun! // Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara –  The most talked about mascara among BB readers. // Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream – No foundation makes my skin look as flawless yet natural and dewy like this does. It also lasts all day and contains SPF 25. I feel sad when I don’t use it! // Pixi Wide Awake Crayon –  I also don’t leave the house without lining my lower waterline with the peachy pink end of this pencil. Total eye opener. The creamy texture makes it way better than others I’ve tried and the price is so right. // BKR Water Bottles – Who knew drinking out of a glass bottle would be so much better than plastic or stainless? The matte silicone cover and pretty, pretty colors are like CANDY. // Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Lady Ruba – Holy perfect orange-red that looks good on everyone. Trust me—I make anyone who will sit still try it. See? // It’s All Good – Gwyneth’s clean eating guide is one of the best things that happened to my diet this year. Every recipe is easy and delish. Should I be embarrassed to admit that I bought a signed copy? Because I’m obsessed. // One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo – You guys. Dry shampoo is a game-changer as is, but this is really, REALLY good. No chemicals. No white residue. Smells amazing. Totally sops up oil so you can sleep in and skip doing your hair from scratch. // Dry Brushing – Meghan did this awesome how-to that has me convinced that I need more drying brushing in my life. I have a brush. I have five minutes. And yet . . . I can’t seem to work it into my routine. Beauty resolution! // BeautyCounter Sunscreen – Very few all-natural sunscreens impress me. They’re either too tacky/film-y or too expensive. Not that you can put a price on sun protection! These feel like lovely, good-for-you lotions, are a full SPF 30, and won’t break the bank. // Coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil – Is there anything it can’t do? We’ve been using it as a DIY eye makeup remover and hair smoother in a pinch. But if you really want the full effect, try oil pulling . . . everybody’s doing it!

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