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December 3, 2014

Indie Holiday: Nell’s Remedies Champion Soak


I’ve always assumed that there were shower people and bath people. I’ve been in the former camp my whole life. Who has time for a bath! What will I do in the tub for that long? What if I drop my iPhone in the water?!  Yet I’ll spend hundreds of dollars and travel thousands of miles to soak in someone else’s mineral baths. So silly. But a few weeks ago when I felt like I was coming down with that first cold of the season the only thing I wanted to do was crawl into a hot bath with a cup of tea. I added a generous scoop of Nell’s Remedies Champion Soak ($25) and, after an hour sans a single electronic device emerged a bath person. I also felt immediately better and slept like a baby that night. This is what happens when someone who understands the healing powers of salt and organic essential oils creates her own line of products. Nell’s Remedies is the earth child of Spot Spa proprietress and massage therapist Nell Rueckl. Her scrubs and soaks are intended to help heal skin and reset the body’s energy field. The Champion Soak actually draws lactic acid from tired muscles and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients including turmeric, balsam and fir and ginger and bergamot, to thoroughly revive and soothe. The scent is herb-y and exactly what you want from an aromatherapy experience. Baths for everyone!

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