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November 1, 2014

10 Minutes to Bigger Hair: Velcro Roller How-To

Some people do their makeup in the car (dangerous!) or floss their teeth at stop lights (impressive). I drive around with Velcro (aka self-gripping) rollers in my hair. They’re pretty much the greatest thing ever if you want bigger hair (yup). With the holidays and all of those parties just around the corner, you’re going to swear by them. It takes zero skill and only about 10 minutes if you have the right tools. Naturally I got mine at Sally Beauty, where the theme of the month is Thanksgivifting (why didn’t I think of that?!). Consider this hair trick your holiday gift-to-self.


Start with dry hair. Totally fine if it’s dirty! This is what mine looks like on a typical day after round-brushing with So Gorgeous Root Boosting Mousse ($8.29). Not bad, but not big.


Mist hair lightly with a flexible hairspray like So Gorgeous Volumizing Shaping Hairspray.


Start rolling. It’s so easy with self-gripping rollers ($3/set) because they stay put. The smaller the roller the more curl you’ll get. Since we’re going for lift and bounce, I used a combination of 2 ¼ and 3-inch rollers. But you can’t mess it up!

BB_11 sm

Once you’ve rolled your entire head, break out your hair dryer (I love Ion One Touch Ionic Professional Dryer).


The blast of heat helps the rollers do their thing more quickly. Dry them on high heat for a few minutes, then blast with cool air to set. Tip: If you have more time, leave the rollers in while you do your makeup—or drive.

BB_22 sm

Once rollers are completely cool, gently remove them. For an extra shot of volume, spritz roots with So Gorgeous Dry Shampoo ($7.50). Even if your hair is clean, this step makes all the difference for preserving the style.

BB_18 sm

And here you have it. Bouncy and full, just like a professional blow-out! Works every time.

sally gwp gorgeous

This month, Sally is thanking shoppers with over 40 gifts with purchase throughout the store. Now through November 30, treat yourself to a  complimentary Pump Up The Volume Set when you purchase of any three full-sized So Gorgeous products like the ones used above. Happy Thanksgifting!

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