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August 27, 2014

In Which We Test One of Those Curling Iron Hair Dryer Things

Ever since spotting this seemingly genius hair trick on Cup of Jo, I’ve been curious about whether John Frieda’s Hot Air Brush ($40) really works. Hybrid styling tools have always scared me and this one looks like it could take my hair with it. Enter Miss Claire of Scotch & The Fox, a heartfelt, feisty blog on life and love that she pens with her equally cute-as-a-button bestie, Megan (disclaimer: I work with both ladies and they are the real deal). When Claire offered up her hair for the hot air brush challenge, of course I accepted.


Hair styling tools scare me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing my hair, it’s that I never know what I’m doing. I certainly can never manage to make it look the way my hairstylist does: shiny, voluminous, and with an ever-so-slight curl at the ends. My natural hair texture is “combination:” it’s wavy and flat all at once. It doesn’t naturally do anything that looks all that great. Enter the John Freida Salon Shape Hot Air Brush. It’s a round brush and blow dryer in one, meaning you can dry and style your hair in one easy step. I gave it a test run on a Saturday afternoon to try and get over my fear of self-styling once and for all.


Start with clean, damp hair. You can either use the “High” setting to partially dry hair before styling or let your hair air dry about 80% of the way, like I did. Next, run a bit of holding product through hair. I used Kérastase Forme Fatale for a little added volume. Just a dab will do ya!


Separate your hair into small, manageable sections. Using the “low” setting, work the hot air brush from root to tip of each section. Gently curl the ends of your hair inward and hold for a moment. Continue to section and repeat for entire head of hair. The who thing only took me about 10 minutes.


Finish with hairspray. I use Aussie Aussome Volume Hairspray, a great drugstore find. And you’re done! In the end, the hot air brush did exactly what it promised: styled my hair and left it feeling shiny and beautiful. Plus, it simplified my drying and styling routine to a one-step process. For a foolproof—and fast—salon-worthy blowout, this is a fabulous bet. –Claire

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