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July 15, 2014

The Best Natural Sponges for Face & Body


These days I’m all about sponges. These natural beauties have transformed my beauty routine, and I’ve officially become a konjac sponge loyalist! Made from the fibrous root of the Japanese konjac plant, this funny, rubbery sponge is especially good at exfoliating tired, dull skin while effectively dislodging dirt, oil and pesky blackheads. I especially love the fact that with sponges I’m able to use less cleanser—something my bank account always appreciates. Looking to test the sponge waters yourself?  Here are a few of my faves that will keep you covered from head to toe:

Dr. Sponge Pearl Powder: Used in Chinese medicines to detoxify and brighten skin, the finely milled pearl powder in this konjac sponge is perfect for achieving that summertime glow. // Konjac Sponge Co French Pink Clay Sponge: Perfect for summer. The pink clay has a plumping effect that improves elasticity while refreshing tired skin (always appreciated after few too many rooftop margaritas!) // One Love Organics Bamboo Charcoal Sponge: Charcoal has become one of my favorite all-natural ingredients, and this sponge is perfect for problematic oily and combination skin types. // My Konjac Sponge French Green Clay Sponge: If it’s French, it’s fancy right? This green clay version is perfect for all skin types.

Earth Therapeutics Loofah: I’ve always been a loofah fanatic, but I’ve been recently rockin’ the all natural version as of late. one has kept my skin clear and rejuvenated without breaking down in the shower. // 6 Wave Green Clay Sponge: A giant konjac sponge for your entire body? Sign me up! The green clay clears up troubled skin and improves skin tone. // Sai Sei Konnayaku Sponge: Made from the Japanese Konnyaku plant, this sponge has also been used for centuries to cleanser and gently exfoliate tired skin. // Hydrea London Sisal Sponge: A pro at improving skin tone, sisal sponges are another of my all time faves. Best of all, they’re easy to find at places like Whole Foods or your local co-op (and for cheap too!)

  • Elizabeth Dehn
    Born and raised in Minnesota by surprisingly low-maintenance parents, beauty writer and lifestyle editor Elizabeth Dehn (aka Bets) spent her awkward years buying Mood lipstick and whipping up DIY face masks before founding Beauty Bets in 2009.
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