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April 29, 2014

We’re Bringing Those Pink Foam Rollers Back

close up_a

Most mornings, my desire for pretty hair is overruled by my overwhelming need for additional shuteye. Determined not to sacrifice either, I started experimenting with heat-free hairstyles that set to perfection while I sleep. Turns out that a staple of my youth, the classic foam roller, provides curl, body and a sweet 70s-style bounce overnight, just like the ladies of The Dukes of Hazzard. Here’s how I do it!

shamp + conditioner

Before any overnight style, I like to make sure my hair is in the best possible shape. Lately I’ve been loving the new Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair system. Designed to mend brittle split ends and protect hair from future breakage, the shampoo and conditioners (just $7 a pop) are hands-down the best drugstore hair products I’ve tried in a really long time. The shampoo cleanses effectively (even my greasy bangs) while conditioning, and somehow manages to rinse out squeaky clean. The complementary conditioner is crazy thick and rich, making it best to concentrate it on the ends, where it calms frizz and roughness, binding together fraying ends.

leave in

After a quick towel-dry, I lightly apply a quarter-sized amount of Neutrogena Triple Repair Fortifying Leave-In Treatment to the outer layers of my hair, working all the way from the scalp down to the ends. This helps with end control when it’s time to roll the curls. Then I go about my usual nighttime business—cooking dinner, catching up on emails, editing photos—until my hair is left with just a trace of dampness.

rolling up_a

Using my pink foam rollers (1-1 ½-inches in diameter and available at any beauty supply store), I start setting my curls, working an inch-wide pinch of hair through the roller, starting at the ends and rolling up and away ‘til I’m midway up my length of hair. Keeping curls chin-length or longer makes sleeping on the rollers way more comfortable and lends that flattering vintage vibe I’m after.

combing out_a

In the morning, remove the rollers gently—no yanking or pulling allowed. You’ll be left with tight cheerleader-style ringlets. Don’t panic! Finger comb the curls by holding the top part of the curl while tugging at the bottom. You get a nice hit of volume where you need it while the curl maintains its bounce.


After combing through curls, smooth any stubborn patches with a bristle brush and style those beautiful, no-heat curls as you wish. For work, I like to wear at least one half pinned back.

close up_b

I promise you’ll love how well these curls hold, and how sweet and touchable they feel. Between the deep nourishment from the Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair system and the heat-free styling method, your hair will be so happy!



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