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April 8, 2014

Enough With Top Knots. Let’s Never Pull Back.

John Frieda Meghan3

If there was a group called Top-Knots Anonymous, I would be a charter member. Over the winter this low-maintenance look went from being an every-so-often indulgence to an everyday style, leaving me feeling both lazy and boring. Now that spring is officially here, I’ve decided to give my top-knot its walking papers and commit to wearing my hair the way I love it most: down. To bolster my new mission, I’ve joined in John Frieda’s Never Pull Back movement, which encourages us to let loose our best selves on the daily, and not let something as trivial as a little frizz tarnish our shine. How’s that for liberating?

john frieda products

I’ve been a huge fan of Frieda’s original Frizz Ease Hair Serum since high school (when my Mom and I would bicker about who used the last of the bottle), but only recently did I give the full line of shampoos, conditioners and stylers a try. As someone with finely textured hair, I typically avoid frizz-fighting products as they have a tendency to weigh my hair down, or worse—make it greasy. After testing out Frizz Ease’s serums and stylers out in various capacities and with a range of styles, I am happy to report that they succeeded in both controlling fly-aways and smoothing out damage, while maintaining volume and bounce. #score

john frieda meghan

Of all the styles I’ve experimented with, these big, loose, free-flowing waves are my favorite. Before blow-drying, I apply John Frieda Dream Curls Styling Spray, which coaxes out my natural wave, protects hair from heat damage and leaves it super touchable and soft.

john frieda meghan product

After drying, I section hair off and curl it away from my face with my trusty curling wand. Once the curls are cool, I work a quarter-sized amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon between my palms and finger-comb through the waves, combining and loosening them into bigger curls as I go.

John Frieday Meghan2

For a finishing pop of gloss, I apply a few drops of John Frieda’s NEW Nourishing Oil Elixir, a lightweight blend of argan oil and other frizz-blocking, shine-enhancers, focusing on the ends only. It’s an easygoing style that doesn’t take ages to perfect, but looks polished and holds up for a few days without needing touch-ups. And the best part of all? It feels a whole lot more me than my old ballerina bun ever did.

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Need more inspiration to let your hair down? Check out John Frieda’s Never Pull Back campaign, including easy-to-follow tutorials and a sweet video featuring the iconic Lady Liberty and some high-climbing babes with really good hair.


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