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April 1, 2014

On Staying True to Your Style

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Find and embracing your style is such a personal journey, and one that I am constantly on. Just when I think I have my look down, something changes—my mood, my job, or a new trend emerges that suddenly turns hemlines on their head.

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But the older I get the less I think of style in terms of fashion or trends, and more in terms of self expression and feeling good in your own skin.

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I have always loved clothes and makeup and putting the whole package together. I’m a visual person so style is really an art form, a daily means of expressing what I’m drawn to.

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When I look back at my many phases, the ones that made my mother cringe and me feel, like, SO cool—doc martens, birkenstocks, oversized flannel (I LOVE YOU EDDIE VEDDER!), pinned Girbaud jeans, mall bangs, frosted lipstick, permed hair—all I can think is: I hope I never lose my nerve. Because the second I find myself getting into a rut, is the moment I know it’s time to mix it up.

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For me, an equation has emerged: classic staple + modern accessory = my kind of outfit. I make a point to invest in timeless key pieces (boyfriend jeans, crisp oxfords, vintage gold watch) that go with everything and will never go out of style, then add a pop of the unexpected (pattern mixing, nerdy glasses, retro-red lipstick).

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I like routine, so finding something that works is incredibly comforting. That’s not to say I’m not constantly inspired by others’ style. I would’ve never donned these silk floral pants if I hadn’t seen them on my creative director first. I love that we wear them completely differently—her with an animal print coat and kicks, me with a simple gray sweatshirt and pumps.

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A big part of my personal style is obviously beauty. There’s a reason you don’t see me sporting purple eye shadow, pointy nails or slicked back hair: I know what works for me, and it’s whatever enhances my features.


That’s why I’ve always been such a Bobbi Brown girl. Her wearable formulas, shades you would find in nature, and mission of empowering women and girls have a way of bringing out the best in everyone. I’ll never forget my first pink blush from Bobbi and how it transformed my face. I haven’t seen a dark undereye circle since I started using the Corrector.

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And then there’s the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick I splurged on in college. The creamy base just melted into my skin but magically made it look flawless. 15 years later and Bobbi has updated her iconic  Skin Foundation Stick with skin-tone correcting pigments for an incredibly natural finish.

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I love that it’s long-wearing yet moisturizing, so my skin stays dewy all day. It’s a staple in my makeup bag that’s not going away anytime soon. Just like my pearls.

Have you found your personal style? How do you stay true to it? For inspiration, check out these gorgeous bloggers


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