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February 4, 2014

Dry Brushing for Beginners

how to dry brush | beauty betsTime for a little honest confession: I am stuck in hibernation mode. If I owned up to how many nights I’ve spent tucked in on my couch with a plate of cozy comfort food, glass of wine and Netflix as my company, I’d be mortified. I feel sluggish, sedentary, and worst of all, stuck. Fortunately, as February officially gets rolling I’m making small moves to cut this loaf-like lifestyle short. One to the easiest changes I’ve adopted is adding dry-brushing to my morning skincare routine. An old-as-the-hills detoxifying technique, dry-brushing boosts circulation, increases lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite and improves skin’s texture and elasticity. Before I started scrubbing down, I hit up Joanna Vargas, facialist to the stars and dry-brushing devotee, for advice on getting started:

What to use: Sonia Kashuk Spa Body Brush ($7) With natural boar bristles and a sleek design that won’t take up loads of space or clash with your bathroom decor, this brush is a total bargain.

How to do it: Using a bone-dry brush, start at the tops of the feet and sweep the brush upwards towards the heart, using long motions. Spend extra time on areas that tend to be more stagnant, like the inner thigh, and don’t forget to the backs of your arms, back and tummy.

When to brush: Try it before you get into the shower in the morning. With daily repetition, you will see a difference in your skin quality and cellulite in two weeks.

What to avoid: Don’t brush too hard. Skin should be stimulated but not irritated. And anyone with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis needs to be very cautious in the affected areas so as not to cause more sensitivity. Either skip those areas or if they cover larger areas of the body then perhaps skip this altogether.

After brushing: Post body-brush is a great time to moisturize. Vargas likes to follow with a nice body butter containing shea and cocoa butter.

Simple as it is, this two-minutes-at-most routine has given me a leg-up energy-wise, leaving my skin feeling awake, and my outlook invigorated. Though it’s just a small step, starting my day with dry-brushing seems to set me moving in a less-lethargic direction, which leads to better choices later on in the day. (Sorry Netflix.)  –Meghan

Are you busting through the winter blahs this month too? From products that perk you up to easy detox remedies, we’d love to hear what you’re doing to get (or stay!) motivated.

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