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January 31, 2014

Lash Week: How to Care for Lash Extensions

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It’s no secret that I would sooner live in a van down by the river than give up my lash extensions. Some would say they’re my signature, though the credit goes to Jett Makeup & Lash Bar. Lash extensions have given me my mornings back—no more curling and cleaning up mascara messes!—and minimized how much makeup I need to look wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. A pop of bright pink blush, a swipe of dark brown liner and I’m out the door. Okay, not really, but except for having to get them filled in every three weeks, lash extensions are incredibly low-maintenance:

*AM: Separate and comb extensions upward with a lash spoolie. That’s it!
*NO curling or mascara allowed. Yep, they come looking this good. Plus, crimping + mascara can break down the adhesive.
*AVOID tugging on or rubbing extensions. They’re not fragile but the gentler you are with them, the longer they’ll last.
*DO go swimming and to hot yoga, but keep the steam room to five minutes.
*PM: Cleanse around the eye area, avoiding extensions. Instead, remove eye makeup with a Q-tip or carefully with a cotton pad.
*DO NOT sleep face down on your pillow or you’ll wake up with precious little lashes all over it!

Once you get extensions and fall in love with them, you’ll naturally want to protect them. And when you become addicted, I will happily welcome you to the club.  –Bets

Check back tomorrow for the final installment of Lash Week: Hannah’s lash curling how-to! 

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