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September 29, 2013

Vinylux is the New Shellac

CND Vinylux in Midnight Swim

What’s not to love about Shellac? It makes your nails look like shiny little chiclets and lasts for at least two weeks—or until your nail beds  start to show. And then you have to go have it professionally removed. And deal with weakened, peeling nails. Okay so it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn great. Now CND has introduced the next generation of Shellac. Vinylux looks a lot like Shellac on your nails but doesn’t require a UV light so you can do it yourself AND remove it yourself. It doesn’t last as long—7-10 days in my experience—but it also doesn’t costs as much.

CND Vinylux in Midnight Swim

I got my Vinylux mani from Sue at Thomas Charles Salon in Minneapolis and it was the same price as a regular mani ($30) versus the up to $70 I’ve seen for Shellac. I put a gorgeous shimmery navy shade called Midnight Swim to the test. It lasted more than a week without chipping, and even then looked pretty darn great. Have you tried it?

Find a Vinylux salon in your area here OR purchase Vinylux color and top coats here. Have fun! 

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