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August 29, 2013

Zula Juice Cleanse Day 3

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I’m on the home stretch now! And let me just say that Day 3 is so much easier than Day 1. In fact, I haven’t really had the energy to write until now. I had forgotten the effects of withdrawal: headaches, exhaustion, cranky pants…but they’ve all subsided now and I feel incredibly energized. All the extra sleep I’ve been getting hasn’t hurt either. It’s funny (not really) that it takes a juice cleanse (or a massage—that’s tomorrow) to force me to slow down and get quiet. Another benefit of depriving yourself of any crutches, like eating cheese or drinking scotch after a craptastic day. But back to the juice itself. Zula is definitely the freshest I’ve tasted. I can tell the difference. It’s also one of the sweetest–naturally, of course, but ultimately too sweet for my current palate. I’ve become so accustomed to my green smoothies which contain mostly veggies, and my lemon-cayenne water sans sweetener, that I really could’ve done with out the addition of  apple or agave or pineapple, which add flavor and a quick hit of energy but not necessarily a ton of nutritional value. HOWEVER. If you hate kale, if you’re new to juicing, if you have a hard time getting your daily of veggies, this setup is totally for you. It’s also perfect for me on days when I don’t have time to be healthy and want the convenience of the amazing Green Flood delivered to my door. Through this process I’ve realized, as I always do on a detox, that I need less food in general but more of the right foods. Please remind me of that next time you see me reaching for a third (m’kay‚ fourth) slice of pizza.

image courtesy of Cath in the City

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