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March 29, 2013

Beauty Juice for Hair, Skin and Nails

BeautyJuice If you kept up with my year-long series on hair regrowth, you know that at the end of 12-months I put my faith in juicing for healthy, fast growth. I juice 3-5 times per week and alternate between Mean Green and this recipe, one of my favorites for healthy hair growth, strong nails and glowing skin.

What you Need: 5 large strawberries 2 green apples 1 large beet 1/2 or whole lemon (to taste) 1/2 inch chunk of ginger root 3 large carrots Yields 20-30 ounces of fresh juice.

What to Do: Buy organic ingredients if you can. Wash your fruits & veggies and then store in the refrigerator. Remember that your juice will be whatever temperature your produce is, so I recommend starting with chilled produce (room temperature juice is kind of unappetizing).

When you’re ready, set up your juicer. I have the Breville Juice Fountain Plus ($149).

  1. Start with the strawberries. Remove the green leafy part and toss them into the juicer’s chute. They can go in on low.
  2. Next, quarter your green apples, remove the stems and switch your juicer to ‘high’.
  3. Follow with the beets (stems/leaves optional).
  4. Do the lemon next (it will help get the beet juice out of your machine for easier clean-up)—either 1/2 or whole lemon depending on how tart you like your juice.
  5. Next add a chunk of ginger root. Most people start with less and add more as they get used to the spicy taste.
  6. End with carrots, stir, drink immediately and enjoy!

What have you been juicing lately?

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