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May 16, 2012

Body Sculpting at the Metropolitan

My eyes usually glaze over when I hear the words body sculpting, cellulite reduction, or worse: fat burning. I’ve been down this road before, and it never results in much more than a nice nap. But when said treatment is introduced by the Metropolitan, home of my beloved painless laser hair removal, I’m willing to make an exception. Also: my esthetician, Amy, lost 1.5 inches from her waist after just ONE session. Unlike totally bogus fat-burning lasers like Zerona, and legit fat freezing treatments like Coolsculpting, the Metropolitan’s Accent Body Contouring treatment relies on radio frequency (stay with me here) to gently warm up, break up and flush out the fluids that build up in the tissue and add volume. Think of it as a lymphatic drainage massage on steroids (and just as relaxing). The heat also promotes the creation of new collagen at the inner layer of the dermis, resulting in smoother skin and YES: reduced cellulite.

I tried the Accent last week on my thighs, and while I didn’t measure them (too much room for human error, IMO), my skinny jeans definitely fit better that night. The real proof, however, was how my legs have felt and looked ever since. I’ve always had “congestion” in my thighs, confirmed by a number of holistic therapists. I’m not talking about fat, just like skinny people can have cellulite, I’m talking about a constant tenderness beneath the surface that’s actually painful to the touch during massage or when Mr. Bets squeezes my leg. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? After one Accent treatment, the tenderness was gone, as were any little dimples. And they haven’t come back.

But enough about me. How about these before/after photos? And then there’s the 50% OFF special the Metropolitan is running all month. Prices and packages vary by area (including face and neck), so contact them for more details at 952-288-2230. If you live outside the Twin Cities, find an Accent-certified doctor in your area right here.


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