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March 22, 2012

A Blonde Bombshell Goes Ginger

Katie Dohman is the style editor at Minnesota Monthly, a natural blonde and our personal hair hero.

I used to have hair like this:

And now I have hair like THIS:

Whoa, right? I know! This may be the single most commented-upon thing I have ever done. And to think I waltzed into Haus Salon with a photo of Connie Britton (Tami Taylor, y’all!), thinking I’d leave with strawberry lowlights. My colorist, Mark DeBolt, took one look at the pic and said, “OK, that’s pretty, but no. Let’s really do something.”

I have one rule when it comes to hairstylists: You will get the best result if you let them do their job. (FYI: If you don’t want them to do their job, you are not at the right stylist.) So, I surrendered myself to the process. Which meant I became a ginger.

Suddenly, I felt like a different woman. I LOOKED like a different woman. Interesting how our identities are so tied up in our hair. I’m a blonde Minnesotan with long layers; what that says about me, I’m not sure. Now I was free to redefine myself a little. It was empowering.

And a learning process. Here are some things I can tell you about having red hair:

1. It is an investment. Four to six weeks, tops, and you are back in the therapist’s chair.

2. You will wash your hair a lot less. I want to cry when I watch that copper water wash down my drain.

3. When you do shampoo, it will be with ice-cold water and color-conserving products unless you want to be in the salon every week.

4. Redheads CAN wear bright colors, including pink. And with this season’s trends you will be right on target.

5. Mark told me he read somewhere that “Blondes are noticed, but reds are remembered.” So far, this is oh-so-true. Men will let you know that they notice your hair and women will ask where you get it done.

I’m planning on staying a ginger—for now. I’m sure I’ll eventually get the itch and do something different, but we’ve been switching up the red tones as my bleached hair grows out (he wants me to “be all Florence + the Machine” by summer). Mark wasn’t lying when he told me he was the patron saint of a very special tribe of gingers. I’m thrilled I get to be one of them.

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