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October 14, 2011

Mally Roncal’s Eyeliner Secrets

Is it just me, or is eyeliner totally intimidating? I can draw a simple line along my upper lash line no prob, but after that it gets a little iffy. Or raccoonish. And yet, I’ve seen what liner can do to make eyes pop, to make me look more awake, and to create that really polished look that only eye makeup can do. Which is why I’ve been taking notes during Mally Roncal’s new how-to informercial. Yes, I got sucked in to an infomercial. You know what I’m talking about.

Mally is one of those celebrity makeup artists who keeps it real and fun and doesn’t make me feel like a total spaz. In this particular show, she features four rather ingenious Mally Beauty makeup kits and shows you how to use them. For reasons previously mentioned, I was all over her Eyeliner Secrets. The powder liners (in brown and black) are actually really easy to apply, look soft not harsh, and come with a bullet-proof setting powder. But the really brilliant thing is this coppery brown pencil stick that does. it. all. Turns out that brown (not black) eyeliner on your lower lash line is the key to a natural yet defined eye. This creamy stick also doubles as a shadow, for an instant smokey look. Sound like something you need? Tell us about your eyeliner woes below and you could win one of Mally’s Eyeliner Secrets kits! Happy Friday!

UPDATE: Congrats to Mandy, the winner of Mally’s Eyeliner Secrets kit! I’m expecting before/after pics! To the rest of you: The thing I know for sure is to always use a waterproof eyeliner (like Mally, MAC or Bobbi Brown) to avoid meltdowns.

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