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August 10, 2011

I Took the Digital Perm Plunge!

Finally! After countless reader requests, incessant googling, and an ongoing fixation with these rather disturbing images, someone has kindly come forth to share her digital perm experience. She got it at Shin’s Salon, the only place we know of in Minnesota that offers them.Take it away, Emma!

I have always had hair envy. My mom and her sisters have gorgeous curly locks, and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted the same instead of my straight, heavy hair. Then a friend let me in on a little secret: She and her mother weren’t born with the beautiful waves I had always admired on them. They went to a Korean salon and got “digital perms.”

In advance of my September wedding, I finally bit the bullet and got one. A day at the Korean salon isn’t quite like going to a spa. The language barrier was the biggest hurdle; I wasn’t totally sure what was going on during the perm process. Picture your hair in rollers, hooked up to a machine that sets them using digitized heat. After four hours (I’m told future perms will go faster), the chair wasn’t very comfortable, nor were the heated rollers. But there was no damage to my scalp, just a little tenderness.

Verdict: I love my new curls, especially for the cost ($150). They should last 4 to 6 months, though I’ve read online that some last up to a year. My stylist made it very clear I was not to use heat products to curl my hair—only natural drying and twirling it around my fingers.  I can’t wait for my curls to grow out a little over the next few weeks so they’ll be perfect on my wedding day!  —Emma C.

Shin’s Hair Salon
211 Oak St SE, Minneapolis
Drop-ins only. Try 11 or 12pm.
Cost: $150 including tip

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