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April 12, 2011

Introducing: My New Skin Care Line!

When I started this blog, it was as a creative outlet from my day job as a magazine editor. I had NO IDEA that it would lead to a product line. That wasn’t even a pipe dream, let alone a possibility. But once someone planted the seed, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I REALLY wanted out of beauty products: That elusive combination of healthy, all-natural ingredients, effective formulas that actually DO SOMETHING, and pretty, pretty packaging. And so began the crazy, fun, excruciating, exhilarating process of creating my own skin care line. It’s no secret to most of of you that I’ve been working on this for the past year but today’s the day I can finally share the goods. You’re the first to know, because you’re the ones truly helped make this happen—THANK YOU. With that, please say hello to BY ELIZABETH DEHN!

I know. it’s a bit weird to slap your name on a label. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. But what’s inside those gorgeous glass jars is all me: Three of my absolute favorite, utterly essential products. Oh the BB beauty closet floweth over with other lotions and potions, but these remain my staples. And so I put on a lab coat and cute pair of nerdy glasses and went about the business of perfecting them for all of you. Everything is 100% NATURAL + NONTOXIC. No parabens, sulfates, glycols, pthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance or dyes. What’s left is pure amazingness for your skin, in the following forms:

SHEA CREAM ($54) – Truly a miracle moisturizer, this cushiony cream has saved me from dry skin, blemishes, post-peel redness, and even eczema. It’s over 90 percent shea butter, a natural form of Vitamin A—the anti-aging powerhouse found in Retinol and Retin-A—so you’ll be fighting wrinkles, diminishing sunspots, building collagen, and calming irritation while you enjoy your soft, dewy skin. Also: You will DIE over the frosting-like consistency.

THE SERUM ($48) – I will go to the grave clutching a serum in my hand. Hopefully this one, with its 11 luxurious plant oils that have NO BUSINESS being in a bottle together because they are so amazing on their own. More potent than any cream, this liquid gold hydrates, soothes, softens fine lines and sun damage, protects against free-radicals, and gives skin a rosy glow. Which, frankly, is more important to me than anything else. And the scent? Bulgarian Organic Rose Absolute. You have so forgotten what real roses smell like until you get a load of this.

FACE SPRAY ($28) – You know me and face sprays. I can’t be without something misty and yummy at all times. To refresh up my makeup, give my blah skin a late afternoon boost, or just make me feel human again. This one smells like a few of my favorite things: oranges, lemon, and herb-y bergamot. You won’t be able to stop spritzing, it’s just that good.

There’s a lot more information where that came from, so please take a look at the new BY ELIZABETH DEHN website and let me know if you have any questions. One that I know is going to come up, and the answer is YES: I am going to continue blogging about other skin care lines. For one thing, because I’m a journalist and that’s what I love to do. For another, because no one product can be all things to all people. That would be boring.


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