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January 27, 2011

Amber Katz, Beauty Blogging Junkie

I read a ton of beauty blogs but few deliver the goods with the wit, intelligence and chuptzpa as Amber Katz. She’s the fast talking, pop-culture commentating, celebrity-elbow-rubbing voice behind and she’s today’s guest blogger. Pay attention, people!

Topshop Nail Polish (stores only) – Oh man. If Topshop nail polish is wrong, I don’t want to be right. First of all, nearly every shade the Brit brand has produced is die-worthy. Second of all, they’ve gotten the balance of edgy glitter and trendy shades down pat. Lastly, each bottle is SMALL. Because who needs the Gulf of Mexico of polish? Not I, that’s who. I’m either over a shade or it’s too gummy by the time I’m halfway finished with the typical polish bottles twice the size of these efficiently-constructed babies. My favorite shade of late is their Beyond the Sea, a murky teal green.

Royal Apothic Bathe Body Lotion in City of Angels – This brand boasts my FAVORITE packaging, ever. When British Royal Apothic founder Sean O’Mara first moved from England to LA, he was taken with the singularly intoxicating scent he discovered driving through the Hollywood Hills. Since creating his epic brand (inspired by an 18th century apothecary manual he discovered at an antique shop), he figured out a way to bottle the signature LA fragrance by incorporating the scent of a fresh sea breeze with eucalyptus (MY FAVE note), night blooming jasmine and an ozone note for that City of Angels hint of smog.

DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy Sunlight Activated Laser Lotion With SPF 30 – Allure Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells recently recommended this trailblazing skin care item on The Today Show. I love to get super sciencey (though I recognize the fact that I use words like “sciencey” pretty much negates the academic angle for which I’m striving) AND I pretty much live by the mantra WWLWD (What Would Linda Wells Do?). The consistency of this light, luminizing moisturizer with SPF is SUBLIME. But its superhero ability to convert sunlight or even your unflattering Joe vs. The Volcano fluorescent lamps in your office into visible red light, a proven energy source for eliciting anti-aging effects on the skin, is straight up GENIUS .

Living Proof Full Thickening Shampoo – It gives you ALL this hair. There’s a WEIGHT to it. Gravitas, if you will. It feels heavy, ample. Like pin-up hair. Like they’ve somehow smuggled an invisible Orlando Pita into the bottle. After blow-drying and using all of the products in concert, I seriously glanced in the mirror and saw hair that resembled that of my very first hairspiration—Gloria Bunker Stivic of All in the Family fame. And money can’t buy that kind of bliss, dolls.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Chunky Cherry – I’ve worn my sample down to a mere nub already and am anticipating a Rain Man-style meltdown if I don’t replenish my stock ASAP. I’m so over gloss. I’ll tolerate lipstick. But mostly, I ONLY want to use colored balms. I just crave that tangible consistency and the efficiency of not having to layer balm underneath. Also? THE COLOR of this balm stick IS PERFECTION. It’s so divine, I’m willing to overlook the product’s Anglicized spelling of “colour” coupled with its Americanized spelling of “moisturizing.”

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