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November 24, 2010

7 Ways to Get the Royal Treatment

FACT: The better customer you are, the the more likely you are to be treated like royalty at your salon/spa. Here, a few insider tips for how to be on your best behavior. Your service provider will thank you (unfort, it won’t be with an 18-carat sapphire ring).

1. Respect their time. Services are booked according to the time needed to complete them. “It’s difficult to give my best when my time is compromised by even five minutes,” says Liz Sletten, stylist at Brian Graham Salon. “If you are late, I’m forced to rush through the service.”

2. Don’t cancel at the last minute. “I wish more clients realized that if they are a no-shows, I lose income as well as the opportunity to book someone else in that spot.”says Tanya Boigenzahn-Sowards, owner of Devanadi Yoga and Thai Body Work. “The sooner you can let me know you won’t be able to make an appointment, the better.

3. Know what you want and what you DON’T want. “Your dark might be different than my dark, your blonde might be my platinum, and your inch might be four inches to me,” cautions Sletten. Bring pictures of looks you like and dislike to help communicate your ideas clearly.

4. Trust their expertise. “Value my knowledge and experience and have an open mind regarding ideas I have for you. Have faith that I know what will and will not work,” says Sletten. Sowards also emphasizes that “working with clients who have a real desire for change and growth and an attitude of curiosity and adventure,” is also ideal.

5. Be realistic. “I’m a human, not some lofty healer, and am just as subject to life’s ups and downs,” says Sowards. If you sense your service provider is having a hard day, give them space, or better yet, try to cheer them up.

6. Be loyal. I’m surprised by how many pals of mine bounce around from one stylist to another. Yes, it’s harder schedule-wise to book with the same stylist or waxer time after time, but believe me, investing in a relationship will pay off in major ways.

7. Give back. Your service provider invests time, energy and expertise in making you look and feel your best, so why not show her your appreciation? Tipping generously is a good place to start, but small, thoughful gestures also go a long way. Last month I brought my stylist a jar of my homemade enchilada sauce (She and her boyfriend love to cook Mexican food), in the summer I tote along an extra iced coffee to my appointments, and of course she’s never left off my Christmas list.

Meghan McAndrews is the founder of High Plains Thrifter and the editor-in-chief of all things cheap at Her Beauty Thrifter column appears every Wednesday.

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