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July 2, 2010

Shellac: The 14-Day Miracle Manicure

This is my hand on Day 12 of the new Shellac manicure.

That’s 12 days of washing my hair, weeding the garden, and tapping away on this keyboard. And yet, there’s nary a chip or scratch in sight. And my nails are still so shiny! I haven’t been this awestruck by a product since . . . . ever. Here I am going on and on about it on Twin Cities Live. In case you can’t turn up the volume at your desk, here’s what I’m saying:

You might of heard of Axxium gel manis. I’ve had one and it nearly destroyed my nails (first there was the filing and drilling, then there was the arduous removal process. Never again.). Shellac is completely different. It goes on like a lacquer, glides off after a soak in acetone, and comes in 12 beautiful shades by Creative Nail Design (CND). The secret is the UV3 technology that used to “cure” each layer of polish. You simply stick your hand under this little light for 10 seconds and nails come out completely dry and smooth.

If you’re in the Twin Cities, you’re in big luck: Rhonda Hansford at Jason Deavalon Salon (612-751-9928) is offering $10 off Shellac manis if you book by Monday. That’s $40 for a manicure that will last you 2 whole weeks. But I must warn you: Once you try Shellac you’ll never go back.

To find a Shellac salon in your area, visit

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