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May 13, 2010

Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

kara_johnphoto by Amy Gee

I have been staring at this photo for a week, it’s just so good. That’s Kara Nesvig on the left, with her BFF John. They make quite a pair, no? Kara writes a mean fashion blog, fearlessly reports on semi-scandalous topics, collects red lipstick, and is a self-professed nail polish junkie. I kind of want to be her, but am too set in my Ballet Slippers ways (recall the griege situation). According to Kara, “Even if I’m down to my last $15 you can bet a good chunk of it will go toward a new bottle of nail polish.” I guess that’s cool, considering the girl changes her polish every other day. Here’s what Kara will be sporting on her tips for spring and summer.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Commander in Chic ($8) – A drugstore polish I like just as much as OPI? It’s true! I’ve always felt rather “meh” about Sally’s polishes, but this new line is awesome. I love this grey-based shade for spring: a little taupe, a little lavender and a bit mushroomy. It’s not a perfect dupe for Chanel’s Particuliere, but it comes close. I think it’s even prettier.

Essie Tart Deco ($8) – I didn’t think I’d like this trendy new shade, a peachy coral not unlike the master bathroom of my childhood. In fact, I’m still on the fence about it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll love it once I get some summer color back in my skin. It comes really close to being grandma’s Mary Kay polish, but there’s just enough orange in the mix to keep it modern.

Rescue Beauty Lounge in Chinoise ($18) – I would never pay $18 for a nail polish, but I scored this last winter during their VIP 50 percent off sale. Rescue Beauty Lounge’s polishes are bar-none the best: smooth application, unique color, long-lasting shine. Chinoise is the perfect cherry red. I use it when I’ve broken all my nails because short, crimson nails are so chic.

OPI Done Out in Deco ($9) – I’ve never been drawn to pastels, but this lavender shade from OPI leans more towards grey than a dreaded Easter-egg purple, which makes it trendy—not tacky.

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