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February 26, 2010

Avon, Arbonne, and Norwex, Oh My!

I don’t “do” home shopping parties. If I see you coming with one of those candle catalogs, I will turn around and walk the other way. But lately people I know and love have started hosting these shindigs, and, upon plying me with wine, have convinced me to attend. I was so impressed with some of the products that I felt compelled to share my short list of home-shopping parties worth attending yesterday on Twin Cities Live (welcome, viewers!). A few of the products are definitely Beauty Bets material—and are up for grabs today! Just leave a comment below with YOUR favorite home shopping party purchase and you might just scoop up one of the following:

I’ve said it before: This is not your mother’s Avon! The makeup formulas are as good as most department store brands but cost infinitely less (and always seem to be on sale). My picks: The mineral shadows and Ultra Rich lipstick, which reminds me of Lancome’s, and this ANEW Clinical Lift Eye Cream ($28). Carol Stopera, a fantastic makeup artist with whom I’ve worked on a number of fashion shoots, turned me on to it—and this from a woman who has tried everything on the market. The jar contains one part gel for firming and lifting the upper lid, and one part cream for fighting fine lines and dark circles.

anew eye

This massive Swiss company has legions of loyal followers. While I can’t speak to the makeup or skincare products, I am sold on the Figure 8 line, including the Cellulite Massager ($2.50). This nubby, hand-held device breaks up lymphatic congestion, which can manifest in cellulite or tender skin. I keep one in the shower and use it on my side-thighs where my massage therapist tells me I “carry my stress.” Did I mention that these are only $2.50? I’ve seen similar versions for 10 times that much at spas. So even if you don’t win the giveaway, buy a bunch for all your girlfriends online at When prompted, you can use my rep’s sponsor ID# 17372543.


I hadn’t even heard of these cleaning products until when my neighbor hosted a party. Everything from Norwex is meant to be used without cleansers or chemicals. This is rather hard to comprehend, but all of the products contain silver, which actually destroy germs and bacteria within a matter of hours. In addition, all of the cleaning cloths—for dusting, wiping down countertops, etc.—are made from microfiber that’s 1/100 the size of human hair. This means that it picks up EVERYTHING. It’s like a mega-exfoliator, but feels incredibly gentle to the touch. Case in point: These Antibac Cloths ($16 for set of 3). You can actually wash your face with them WITHOUT CLEANSER. They even remove mascara with ONLY WATER. I didn’t believe it until I tried them, and now I’m trying to figure out how to part with my favorite face wash.


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