March 10, 2013

The Power of Topical Vitamins

I’m such a huge fan of Organic Spa Magazine (Two of my favorite things! In one publication!) and its beloved editor-in-chief, Rona Berg, a kindred spirit who I had the joy of meeting last year. The April issue is out and overfloweth with eco-luxe trips and the best in natural beauty—including the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum!

And a rather large mug of yours truly. Not that I’m complaining! Organic Spa editors call the serum their current favorite. Eeek! The review is accompanied by a fantastic report on the power of topical vitamins in the fight against lines and wrinkles, sun spots and dark circles. Amen, sisters. Read up on the ABCS of Beauty and learn more about the ED4OLO Vitamin C Serum right here.


February 3, 2013

Now Taking Your Skincare Questions

After jet setting around the country for the last few years with her Air Force husband, our Natural Beauty expert Hannah has settled down in Sacramento and realizing her big dream of becoming an esthetician. We can’t wait to live vicariously while she geeks out over microdermabrasion and perfects her pore extractions.  Now, in addition to her popular DIY beauty ideas, Hannah will be taking your skincare questions in her new column, Ask an Esti. Whether you’re battling blemishes or befuddled by that fancy serum, no question is off limits for our resident expert. Leave them below in the comments section, or email Hannah anytime at –Bets

August 20, 2012

Thinking About Botox? Try Dysport.

You know how one day your hair looks just fine and then the next you simply cannot go another day without a haircut? That’s how it goes with space between my brows. One day it’s smooth and furrow-free, and the next I catch a glimpse at that wrinkle in my rear-view mirror and know: It’s time for another round of Dysport.

I’ve been getting Dysport for almost two years. Here’s a video of the first time. (Note that even back then I was wearing stripes.) But  I always forget it’s even there until someone asks me about Botox, at which point I point to my forehead and direct them to Skin Rejuvenation Clinic for Dysport. Although they’re essentially the same thing, Dysport never leaves me feeling stiff like Botox did. More important: It lasts 7–8 months (hence my forgetfulness). While results vary by age, muscle memory and wrinkle depth, I can assure you that Dysport is worth a shot. Tee hee. –Bets




November 15, 2011

Intelligent Nutrients’ New Anti-Aging Plant Powerhouse

One of the many beauties of living in Minneapolis is having a direct line to Intelligent Nutrients and its founder, Horst Rechelbacher—the the very same one who founded Aveda, also based here. IN is a rare bird: certified-organic thanks to using only food-grade ingredients (which are the only kind that can be certified) + wildly effective. It’s also completely edible, which Horst has proven time and again at press conferences. When IN launched its skin care line several years ago, the anti-aging serum became the holy grail of serums. Beauty editors couldn’t get enough, and I was right on the bandwagon with them. It was one of the first truly natural products I had used that made me realize natural is better. Not just better for me, but actually better for my skin. So many people are still swirling around those two, unwilling to sacrifice “scientifically-proven, dermatologist-tested” results for healthy skin and body. But there I was, after only a few days using the IN Anti-Aging Serum with clearer, brighter, smoother, and yes—younger-looking—skin than I had ever seen from all the chemically enhanced products I’d tested.

Yesterday at Intelligent Nutrients headquarters, Horst unveiled his latest revelation: Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex. IN has found a way to grow plant cells with antioxidant concentrations up to 1,000 times that of plants in nature. Those antioxidants prevent and address multiple signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, loss of collagen and elastin, dehydration, and dullness. Which is to say, this complex is so potent, so chock-full of anti-aging benefits, it’s about to blow every other hyped skin care line out of the water. Keep in mind that this oil-free complex doesn’t replace your serum or moisturizer—it goes under them, like a base layer. It’s rare that I would write about a product before using it more than once, but that should tell you how confident I am that this one is going to do amazing thing. Stay tuned . . .

p.s. – If you’re thinking about purchasing, go for the 4-month supply ($130). It offers huge savings over the single, 30-day vial ($55).

October 28, 2010

I Got Dysport. It’s the New Botox.

Have you heard? Dysport is the new Botox. So I had to try it. Now, before you go and judge, please note that I did this for RESEARCH. I have no intention of making it a habit—at least not until I’m 40—but I’m all for minor, non-invasive tweaks. Fixing my 11s is one of them. Those are the not-so-little lines that have dug their heels in between my brows. Just goes to show how often I was confused in Calculus class. Like Botox, Dysport contains botulinum toxin type A. Dysport, however, takes effect more quickly, in 1–2 days instead of 3–4. The makers of Dyport claim that results last longer—4 months to Botox’s 3—but the doctor I saw for the treatment, the incredibly gentle Elizabeth Hagberg of Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, says that it truly varies by patient. (As with most cosmetic treatments, everyone responds differently and there are no guarantees.) You can see for yourself just how lickety-split and relatively drama-free my experience was:


It’s almost too easy, right? Having gotten Botox once, I will tell you that Dysport was less painful (even without numbing gel), and didn’t produce what I can only describe as the disgusting sound akin to a fork piercing the taut skin of a bratwurst. Shudder. More important, after two days my 11s are gone and I don’t have the stiff feeling in my forehead that I felt with Botox. If you should feel so inclined, the cost for frown lines is $338—exactly the same as Botox.


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