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April 8, 2015

Another Makeup Bag Detox + I’m Getting Crafty

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Our last makeup bag detox at LAB Mpls sold out in days so we’ve added another on April 18! Join Nicolle Mackinnon and me for some serious deep diving into your beauty stash. We’ll help you clean up your act with some of my favorite lines including Ilia, Vapour Organic Beauty and W3LL People. The swag will be almost as exceptional as the company . . . plus I’m dying to check out LAB’s shiny new space. Register right here!

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As part of my goal to try something new each month (March was Barre, April is Prescribe Balance), in May I’m  going to do something I NEVER do: arts and crafts. This is even more outside my comfort zone than any detox or physical endeavor. I can’t barely draw a circle let alone calligraphy or watercolor.

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You’re in for a real treat if you’re my classmate for either of these experiments. It ain’t going to be pretty but to quote my girl Brene Brown: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” For more details about these and other fine workshops or to sign up, visit


January 23, 2013

What Does Your Skin Say About You?


Thanks to the little visitor that appears on my chin every 28 days, I’ve always known that the skin is the window into our bodies and the health of our organs. But connecting the dots isn’t always easy, seeing as how I prefer to believe my insides are made of spun silk (weak stomach). This visual cheat couldn’t be handier—or more empowering. No more feeling clueless about your skin and disconnected from your body. Oh, it will still be frustrating as h-e-l-l, and you’ll probably want to find a good naturopath, energy healer, acupuncturist, or yoga class, but at least you’ll have a place to start!


P.S. Although nothing can do for your skin on the outside what you can do for it on the inside, I swear by One Love Organics Detox + Glow kit to balance troubled skin and restore radiance :


May 21, 2010

Finally! A Shimmery Cream Blush

You know when someone invents something (like the Swifter), and you slap your forehead and say: I totally thought of that years ago! Of course you didn’t actually do anything about it, so you don’t get rich, but at least you can partially reap the rewards. This is how I feel about Vapour’s Aura Radiant Blush. It’s a classic, twist-up blush stick (so handy), but instead of plain old solid color, these are have the perfect amount of glowy, shimmer mixed right in. I can’t tell you how long I’ve topping my blush with a separate shimmer product. Oh the wasted hours and arm power! But unlike powder shimmers, which can just sit there, these melt right in to create the most natural, dewy sheen on your cheeks. If you haven’t heard of Vapour, that’s okay. I have enough enthusiasm for this boutique brand for us all. It’s organic, packed with antioxidants (so it does good while sitting there looking pretty), and smells amazing in a way I can’t quite describe. In addition to the blush, I can definitely recommend the luminous foundation and lipstick—both of which feel like you’re wearing nothing, yet look so luxurious. But enough about me. I can’t wait for you to try this blush! So I’m giving a bunch away. Just leave a comment with your favorite multi-purpose product—even if you invented it yourself.

UPDATE: Congrats to Kym, Katie H, Marie, Sarah Von, and Elizabeth P, the winners of this giveaway. If you didn’t win, be sure to enter code “beautybets5” to receive 20% off of Aura Radiant Blushes throughout the month of May!

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