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March 3, 2014

The Art of Washing Your Face

Washing your face doesn’t need to be complicated, but there is a right way to do it depending on your skin type and amount of time you want to dedicate. For me, it’s a ritual and something I look forward to (clearly doing my hair for this vid was not). If you’re flummoxed or still flopping into bed without cleansing, step up to the sink, please. And do let me know if you have any questions—this is one of my favorite topics!
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January 17, 2013

Bee Venom Facials + My New Beauty Column!

In case you missed it in print, my (sting-free) Bee Venom Facial experience is now up for all the world to read at If it’s good enough for Kate and Camilla, you better believe I was all over this treatment like a . . . bee to honey? Hmmm.

In other buzz, beginning this month you will spy my mug in every issue Mpls.St.Paul Magazine for my new column, Elizabeth Says. In addition to talking about whatever I want (beauty/wellness-wise, though booze and J.Crew may weasle their way in from time to time), I’ll be taking your most pressing questions, just like I do right here, and on Twitter and Facebook, and when you bump into me at the mall. . . bring it on! The more brain-teasers, the better. P.S. Later this month those of you who live in places where the sun actually shines will be able to read my columns online. Stay tuned.



May 22, 2012

Beauty at Every Age

Check out MSPMAG.COM where I’m doling out advice about making the most of your natural beauty from one decade to the next. By now you know my hot buttons: Exfoliate! Get regular facials! Embrace plant oils! But I also learned a thing or two from the other local experts featured, like this nugget from Pat Scherven, the founder of Skin Therapease: Lavender essential oil promotes cell regeneration and wound healing and helps prevent scarring and stretch marks. Who knew?

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