August 19, 2014

The Red Lipstick That Looks Good on Everyone


I completely missed this orangey-red lipstick when it launched in spring, then discovered while getting my makeup done at a Bobbi Brown event. In the tube, Lady Ruba (what’s not to love?) it looks like a warm, retro-red, but goes on lips even warmer. Like a really bright tomato or poppy red. What’s so unique, aside from being a shade that you can’t quite pin down, is that it’s just moisturizing enough to be wearable but not so much that it quickly wears off. My beloved MAC Ruby Woo is so dry, it’s intimidating if I’m not totally ready to commit all day. I wore Lady Ruba out with the girls last weekend and everyone—from a blue-eyed-blonde glamazon to a porcelain brunette —looked absolutely smashing in it. Ms. Lady Ruba is limited-edition so you best snap her up before it’s too late!


May 22, 2013

We Heart MAC RiRi Woo

Girls: Say hello to the newest member of team BB, Kara Nesvig aka @myfakeyelashes. She’s like a blonde, badass version of my much younger self—and a brilliant writer to boot (xoJane!). I’ve never seen her without nail polish. Or black eyeliner. Or lipstick. Hence the Lipstick Queen column that starts now . . .


Even though I collect red lipsticks (goin’ strong at 50+), MAC Ruby Woo is the only one I truly can’t live without. She is perfect; super-matte and long-lasting, a pinup girl’s dream bright retro red (Bets agrees). It’s also my most-complimented red. So of course I was excited to see that my homegirl Rihanna loves Ruby Woo so much that when MAC asked her to design a capsule collection, she put her own stamp on their classic red with RiRi Woo.

kara-nesvigShe’s a beaut: bluer than Ruby, but just as stunningly “pow!” as her sister shade. But it’s the texture really stole my heart; I like my red lipsticks INSANELY matte. (If I’m still wearing it when I wake up in the morning, I’m happy.) RiRi Woo is a limited edition shade, which means I’m going to have to stockpile. The first batch sold out in three hours, but the next will be released in June with the seasonal installment of the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. Don’t wanna wait? Wet ‘n’ Wild Red Velvet, about $2 at drugstores, is pretty similar. I own that too, obviously. –Kara

P.S. Those would be press-on nails.

January 7, 2013

The Best of Beauty 2012

Late! I’ve been so busy with my detox and finding new + exciting things to do with KALE that this list didn’t come together quite as timely as I’d hoped. But the best of the best don’t expire! I give you my absolute most favorite, life-changing products of 2012. What were yours?

Skincare obsession: Kate Somerville Clinic-to-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads: If I have a big event. If my skin is PMS-dull. If I’m traveling with TSA-approved products. This is the treatment I reach for time and time again. It leaves my face smooth, shiny and taut—just like post professional peel. And it takes, like, 60 seconds. I’m sort of at a loss for words!

Haircare: We’re all enamored with Aveda’s new Invati line, which Danielle credits for her epic hair regrowth. I just appreciate how thick and full and healthy my hair feels when I use the shampoo and conditioner. Addictive Aveda scent included.

Mind-blowing makeup: Most BB creams are made for girls with oily skin, which I am not. So it was with skepticism that I tried Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream. Result: totally glow-y skin that stayed that way all day. The secret is in a sheer yet waterproof finish, and the bonus is SPF 25.

Red lipstick: My search for the perfect matte, not too orange, not too pink red lipstick officially ended. Behold: MAC Ruby Woo.

Sun Protection: It’s about time, people. A broad-spectrum, mineral facial sunblock that has it all: high SPF, water-resistant, paraben-free, residue-free, faintly tinted to (no, really) match all skin tones. Ladies and gentlemen, SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50!

Handiest tool: Have we talked about Q-tips? I mean, really talked about them? I can’t live without. And if I accidentally travel without, it’s the first call I make to the front desk. For my Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner just doesn’t come off without a Q-tip or look as nearly as neat without ye old cotton swab. The new Q-tips Precision Tips make all this and more wildly more enjoyable and definitely more precise. (Total Beauty editor agree so I can’t be too cray cray)

Nail polish: Butter London anything. One coat often does the trick and stays put. Plus, the chemical-free hues keep getting better (currently obsessed: Royal Navy).

Surprise hit: DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hairspray. The only hairspray I’ve ever written about, because it’s the only one that keeps a blow-out fresh and waves in place all day—without that awful sticky, crunchy nonsense—AND doubles as a root booster in a pinch. Don’t even get me going on the lavendar scent . . .


October 19, 2012

MAC Ruby Woo, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Friends, the search is over! I’ve found the perfect retro red and thy name is MAC Ruby Woo ($15). She’s not too pink, not too shiny, and just orange enough. Thanks to all of you who recommended this masterfully matte tube—especially my red lipstick advisor, Kara. Even if you think you’ve got your red. or you’ve always been afraid to wear these classic shade, I implore you to give it swipe. Muah!  –Bets

February 24, 2011

The Best Red Lipsticks of All Time

After months of BEGGING Kara Nesvig to write a guest blog about her all-time favorite red lipsticks, she came through with flying colors. The Vanity Project blogger and makeup collector owns nearly 60 tubes, the majority of them a shade of crimson. Today her obsession is our good fortune.

{Photos by Amy Gee}

Tools of the trade: For your lipstick to last and refrain from bleeding, a good primer is a must. I use MAC Prep & Prime, but any good waxy lip balm will help. (Try Burt’s Bees.) I don’t use a lipliner, but some red lip fanatics require one.

Best drugstore red: Even though they seal up the tubes so I can’t test the colors on my hand, I have the best luck with Revlon reds. Their Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice has been a best seller since the ’50s; no surprise, because it’s the perfect bright blue-red.

Best red gloss: Shout-out to my grandma for this one: Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Wet Cranberry. It’s a rich berry red with a slick of shine; kind of a fusion of lipstick and gloss. The old “finger in your mouth” trick is necessary for this one because it DOES tend to get all over your teeth.

Best orange-red: I hunted high and low for the perfect orange-red last year and it was right under my nose at the NARS counter. Those of you who favor a tinge of tangerine in your red must meet Heat Wave. I think it looks best in the summer with a bronze face and a little mascara.

Best look-at-me red: In my humble opinion MAC makes the best reds, and their ultimate is Ruby Woo, a super-matte “retro” color that never, ever fails to gain me some compliments. Dita von Teese endorses Ruby Woo, and if you can’t trust a modern-day pinup, who can you trust?

And a few other favorites . . .

Best no-fail reds: NARS Jungle Red and Illamasqua Maneater

Best stay-on-all-night red: Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Fiery

Best starter red: Lipstick Queen in Red Saint

Got a favorite red of your own? Do tell. And send pics!

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