November 2, 2012

What’s Better than Morrocanoil?

More than one Beauty Bets contributor, including myself, has sung the praises of Moroccanoil for its ability to smooth, moisturize and tame the driest, frizziest of tresses. When it launched, MoroccanOil was a revelation. A miracle! But there were imperfections, too. Over time, the large proportion of argan oil created a film, weighing down finer hair like mine. And hard as I tried, I couldn’t love the perfume-y cocoa-butter scent.

My hair had begun to fall on hard times when dpHUE opened in the Twin Cities and graced us with its HAIR OIL TO END ALL HAIR OILS. Predominantly comprised of shea oil, a personal favorite for its rich yet lightweight properties, it manages to be all things to all hair types—without weighing them down. In fact, it’s almost impossible to overdo this delicately fragrant liquid gold, and yet a few drops will more than suffice to smooth, moisturize and tame the driest, frizziest of tresses. I run a dab through my ends to seal and protect before blow-drying, and a little more to finish the job. dpHUE Oil Therapy ($30) is available online and at the color salon’s two locations in Edina and Maple Grove—stop in and ask for a sample!




July 5, 2012

Balmy Days are (Almost) Here Again

Happy Friday everyone! I’m bordering on cranky, ready for this heat wave to end and never come back. No frizz-fighting, oil-sopping product in my beauty closet is cutting it so I’m doing the only thing any reasonable girl should do: hit an air-conditioned movie theater. What should Mr. Bets and I see? In other news:

Ineke’s new fragrance actually smells like a balmy sunday afternoon (Marie Claire)

On the rise: skincare sales among women aged 50 to 80. (NY Daily News)

Natural bug sprays that smell good, too. (Refinery 29)

The next big skincare ingredients—even if you can’t pronounce them. (Beauty Sage)

Tom loses Katie, gets bird poop facials. (Now Magazine)

Another ingenious use for coconut oil. (Well+Good NYC)

I’m coveting everything on Shiva Rose’s vanity. (Lucky)

There’s something about rosé + pretty paper. (Bon Appetit)

Why women still can’t have it all—or finish this article. (the Atlantic)

March 14, 2012

I Can’t Live Without This Flat Iron

No really. Ever since moving to Seattle I’ve had the worst hair of my life. Like, every single day. Thanks to the perpetual precipitation and humidity, it takes about two-point-four seconds for my freshly blown-out hair to go from smooth and straight to frizzy and flat. I didn’t even know that cruel combination was possible. I’ve tried everything in my arsenal: volumizers, velcro rollers, more conditioner, less conditioner, heat protectants, anti-frizz serum, super-strength hair spray and still . . . nothing. In a last-ditch effort, I decided to give Ghd’s hair straightener a spin. Although my stylist extraordinaire Mel—and pretty much any beauty queen I ask—swears by this professional ceramic smoother, I had NO IDEA. It smoothes in one pass, and leave my locks shiny and silky—not damaged or dry. Most importantly: The straight lasts all day, even through my misty walk to work. I do occasionally tote it to the office for pre-happy hour touch-ups, but that’s no biggie because it’s so lightweight and heats up by the time I’ve applied my lipstick. Bottom line: So much better than any other flat iron I’ve tried, from Revlon to Chi. Would you agree?

August 9, 2011

5 Impressive Hair Products

After yesterday’s post I realized I had enough hair-related material to last us for days. So, welcome to Hair Week! I’ll be your host on this, um, hair-raising adventure. Today’s topic: the best products I’ve used this summer. Some are brand new and some are just new to me, but all have earned a coveted spot in my grooming rotation.

(l to r) Rare Elements Hydrating Color Preserving Shampoo ($34) – This may just be the best shampoo I’ve EVER used. It gives me fuller, shinier, and more manageable hair without weighing it down (even though I don’t have dry or color-treated hair). It also happens to be all-natural and sulfate-free.

Living Proof Straight ($29) – Whatever Living Proof makes, I buy. Because it all works—the frizz fighters, root-lifting spray, and full thickening cream. Now there’s this Straight Long-Lasting Sleek-Making Style-Extending Spray that you spritz on wet hair then blow dry for smooth, straight locks. It got me through some serious body wave fall-out this summer.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39) – Part volumizer, part texturizer, and part dry shampoo, this is the stuff of dreams for anyone whose hair goes limp in the heat. Or, hair that just goes limp. Yes, I’m still talking about hair here . . . Use it to amp up your blow-out, refresh your roots, or make it easier to grip hair for an updo. Bonus: it doesn’t leave a white residue like others.

Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine ($26) – Once I discovered the miracle of Moroccanoil, I worked my way through the rest of the collection. This shine spray impresses me the most because it leaves a hard-core sheen without weighing down my hair. After using the treatment oil on just my ends, I mist this ever so lightly on the surface of my hair. One or two sprays is all it takes. Any more turns me into a greazy mess.

Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Cream ($24) – At first I wasn’t sure what to do with this grooming cream—or any grooming cream for that matter. Then I figured out that it can smooth away fuzzies, dry ends and flyaways better than hair spray and with the added benefit of moisture. I rub a dab between my hands and then gently pat on styled hair. Also great for separating the ends of curls or waves for a more tousled look.

July 21, 2011

Hot Weather Hair Trick

I was at a party last night with some of my favorite ladies (hosted by this week’s Glitter Guide girl, Christina Sandok), and marveled at the handiwork of Ms. Katie, above. She wove braids on each side, pulling in any bangs or wispies, then tucked them into a simple bun and secured the whole thing with a hair band (you may need a few bobbi pins, too). “This is what happens to curly hair on a hot day!” says Katie. It’s such a sweet boho look, but also totally polished and office-appropriate. Katie recommends working with dirty hair, since it’s more manageable and less fly-away. For once grease is a good thing!

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