January 7, 2015

9 More Reasons to Use Dry Shampoo


There’s no end to the dry shampoo conversation. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about it or I don’t tell someone that IT’S TIME to get on the bandwagon. Not because I don’t love that wool beanie you’re wearing but because dry shampoo is just that good. It’s not going to REALLY restore your hair to its original blow-out form, but you will get at least another day to sleep in, not shampoo or avoid looking disheveled in a way you weren’t intending. I am loyal to a lot of products but dry shampoo isn’t one of them. My beauty closet is full tall ones, short ones, expensive ones, cheap ones, spray ones, powder ones. I don’t discriminate as long as they work. One Love Organics’ is a current favorite because it’s all-natural and travel-friendly, but I also rounded up the best of the bunch over at Ebay where you can shop to your heart’s content. I’m not being dramatic when I say you can’t go wrong with any of these. To read the full post, head on over to my Ebay dry shampoo guide.



Did I miss your go-to pick? Always looking for new ones to spritz! 


November 1, 2014

10 Minutes to Bigger Hair: Velcro Roller How-To

Some people do their makeup in the car (dangerous!) or floss their teeth at stop lights (impressive). I drive around with Velcro (aka self-gripping) rollers in my hair. They’re pretty much the greatest thing ever if you want bigger hair (yup). With the holidays and all of those parties just around the corner, you’re going to swear by them. It takes zero skill and only about 10 minutes if you have the right tools. Naturally I got mine at Sally Beauty, where the theme of the month is Thanksgivifting (why didn’t I think of that?!). Consider this hair trick your holiday gift-to-self.


Start with dry hair. Totally fine if it’s dirty! This is what mine looks like on a typical day after round-brushing with So Gorgeous Root Boosting Mousse ($8.29). Not bad, but not big.


Mist hair lightly with a flexible hairspray like So Gorgeous Volumizing Shaping Hairspray.


Start rolling. It’s so easy with self-gripping rollers ($3/set) because they stay put. The smaller the roller the more curl you’ll get. Since we’re going for lift and bounce, I used a combination of 2 ¼ and 3-inch rollers. But you can’t mess it up!

BB_11 sm

Once you’ve rolled your entire head, break out your hair dryer (I love Ion One Touch Ionic Professional Dryer).


The blast of heat helps the rollers do their thing more quickly. Dry them on high heat for a few minutes, then blast with cool air to set. Tip: If you have more time, leave the rollers in while you do your makeup—or drive.

BB_22 sm

Once rollers are completely cool, gently remove them. For an extra shot of volume, spritz roots with So Gorgeous Dry Shampoo ($7.50). Even if your hair is clean, this step makes all the difference for preserving the style.

BB_18 sm

And here you have it. Bouncy and full, just like a professional blow-out! Works every time.

sally gwp gorgeous

This month, Sally is thanking shoppers with over 40 gifts with purchase throughout the store. Now through November 30, treat yourself to a  complimentary Pump Up The Volume Set when you purchase of any three full-sized So Gorgeous products like the ones used above. Happy Thanksgifting!

October 31, 2014
healthy locks

Indie Beauty Week: The Only Dry Shampoo You’ll Ever Need

healthy locks

I don’t really remember my life before dry shampoo. Kind of like I don’t remember ever weighing less than 140 pounds. Dry shampoo is one of the world’s greatest beauty inventions. It allows you to sleep in then skip the shampoo and the inevitably dull, time-consuming blowout that ensues. It means you can go camping or to the cabin while maintaining some semblance of pulled-togetheredness. And it can give you bigger hair when you really do care, all with a quick spritz or sprinkle to the roots. Dry shampoo is such a hair-changer that when One Love Organics announced its limited-edition Healthy Locks ($12) hair powder this summer, there was practically a run on the store. This all-natural version loses the typical talc base in favor of oil-sopping Georgia kaolin clay and rice starch. It’s so finely milled that it disappears into the roots of brunettes everywhere without a trace of tell-tale white residue. Like all good dry shampoos, Healthy Locks restores hair to its cleaner, better self. It was such a hit that One Love Organics decided to keep it around permanently AND is adding a larger size, coming November 10! I’d get both, so you can have a mini for travel or your workout tote, and a biggun’ for the bathroom. I’ll also tell you the most important lesson I ever learned about dry shampoo from the master himself, Oscar Blandi: Apply dry shampoo AT NIGHT, and you’ll wake up with clean hair. You’re welcome.

 This concludes Indie Beauty Week until next year! Catch up on any posts you may have missed right here

August 1, 2014

Summer Beauty Shortcuts + Giveaway!  

PG-foundation Just when I think I know almost everything there is to know about beauty products, something comes along and completely surprises me. I had been to Sally Beauty back in high school, for my favorite Queen Helene Mint Julep mask, but knew from our resident Beauty Thrifter and Sally die-hard, Meghan, that it was time to re-acquaint myself. You guys. We have been missing out! Sally Beauty carries everything you need for a spa day at home (foot detox, anyone?), legit dupes of high-end haircare lines, and professional mani/pedi supplies galore (I’m dying to try this cuticle remover!). It was a revelation. Or a shopping spree. I came home with this haul and life has been easier ever since—especially because during the month of August you’ll receive a FREE tote bag when you buy $45 worth of product at Sally Beauty. I’ve been using my gold one for weekend jaunts to the farmer’s market! sallybeautysummerproducts (clockwise) Power IQ Round Wood Brush ($5) – A round brush is essential for achieving a proper blow-out at home. The combination of bristles and sturdy wooden handle (hard to beat for the price!) makes for easy wielding through all hair types. // Femme Couture Super Juicies in Creamy Pink ($5) – The perfect pale pink gloss. Dab on a little for a neutral daytime shine or layer on over your favorite nude lipstick and pair with a smoky for one of summer’s favorite looks. // Ardell Individual Flares ($5) – Once you get the hang of individual lashes, you’ll want to wear them every day. Ardell’s are super-natural looking, especially in the short length. Apply just in the corners for a subtly glamorous, eye-opening effect. // Miracle 7 Finishing Spray ($11) – I rarely meet a hairspray that I love (who wants sticky, crunchy strands?!), but this one sealed the deal when it kept my hair smooth and frizz-free on a humid day. Miracle indeed. // Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder ($8) – One part dry shampoo, one part volumizer, this magical powder in the pretty canister gives my long, fine hair instant lift when rubbed in at the roots.//Femme Mattifying Powder ($11) – I like dewy skin as much as the next girl, but only when it’s well placed. Worn alone or over tinted moisturizer, a dusting of this translucent powder on the t-zone keeps skin flawless for hours. So good, right?

Sally Beauty is hooking up one BB reader with her very own $45 shopping spree, with personalized recommendations from yours truly. Simply leave your name and why you are in need of a virtual makeover in the comments below! 
P.S. Sally Beauty is hosting a Pinterest contest! Five Prize Winners will receive a $45 Sally Beauty gift card! To enter:

- Follow Sally Beauty on Pinterest
– Create your “Sally Beauty Boho” board
– Repin the contest image
– Add $45 worth of product from SallyBeauty.com to your “Sally Beauty Boho” board
– Email Pinterest board to social@sallybeauty.com by August 29, 2014

Contest live through August 29, 2014. Visit Sally Beauty for official rules.  

June 25, 2014

Have a Beautiful Summer!

SummerBeauty Summer has officially arrived! Before it passes us by (as it is wont to do), get out there and soak it up right with our summer beauty rules to live by:

1. Include an SPF in your daily beauty routine. Keep skin looking it’s best by applying an SPF moisturizer to your face every day. This summer I’ve been loving Bare Minerals SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizer ($30).

2. Declare “no shower day” at least one day per week. Give you hair—and hot tools—a break and use dry shampoo instead. Our favorite tip: spritz into roots at night, wake up with cleanish hair!

3. Ditch the lotion and switch to a body serum. If you’ve never used a body serum or oil, then you’ve never known true hydration. Body oils moisturize deeply and leave skin soft, dewy and lightly scented. Naturally we love  One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil ($58)and the new Gardenia Body Serum ($39).

4. Spend less time blow-drying and embrace fun accessories, braids, and hats. Both Forever21 and H&M overfloweth with cute and affordable hats, wraps, turbands and headbands.

5. Stay hydrated, especially when in the sun or at an outdoor event. If you struggle to get in enough water, try flavoring it with watermelon, pineapple, mint, basil, berries or citrus fruits!

6. Take advantage of the season’s locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits. They’re good for your glow! Locate your nearest farmer’s market and stock up on your weekly produce there to not only help your diet, but help you glow from the inside out!


P.S. We never get tired of a maxi dress or this orange + pink combo!


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