November 2, 2012

What’s Better than Morrocanoil?

More than one Beauty Bets contributor, including myself, has sung the praises of Moroccanoil for its ability to smooth, moisturize and tame the driest, frizziest of tresses. When it launched, MoroccanOil was a revelation. A miracle! But there were imperfections, too. Over time, the large proportion of argan oil created a film, weighing down finer hair like mine. And hard as I tried, I couldn’t love the perfume-y cocoa-butter scent.

My hair had begun to fall on hard times when dpHUE opened in the Twin Cities and graced us with its HAIR OIL TO END ALL HAIR OILS. Predominantly comprised of shea oil, a personal favorite for its rich yet lightweight properties, it manages to be all things to all hair types—without weighing them down. In fact, it’s almost impossible to overdo this delicately fragrant liquid gold, and yet a few drops will more than suffice to smooth, moisturize and tame the driest, frizziest of tresses. I run a dab through my ends to seal and protect before blow-drying, and a little more to finish the job. dpHUE Oil Therapy ($30) is available online and at the color salon’s two locations in Edina and Maple Grove—stop in and ask for a sample!




January 6, 2011

More Winter Beauty Must-Haves

Face oils were just the tip of the iceberg (hardy har) in my winter beauty solutions segment for Twin Cities Live. It’s chock-full of the best products and advice I know for combatting dry skin and hair. Sadly, this is the sort of encyclopedic knowledge one only develops from living so close to the Canadian border.

Watch the clip here, then let me know if you have any specific questions about the goods mentioned!

Stay warm,

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