July 25, 2013

Why I Can’t Stop Reading YouBeauty.com

cindy crawford big hair | beauty bets

When Dr. Oz and his partner-in-crime Dr. Michael Roizen debuted their healthy living site YouBeauty a couple of years ago, I took note. Finally! A beauty + wellness destination built on smart science and common sense, not superficial fluff or heavy green washing. Since then,  YouBeauty has become my go-to resource for feel-good beauty tips, cutting-edge ingredients, and self improvement from the inside out. It doesn’t hurt that YouBeauty‘s intelligently curated ecommerce site BeautySage is just a click away with some of the best natural beauty around. Read on . . .

How to get big, 90s supermodel hair like Cindy Crawford. Hint: I’m reconsidering mousse.

Is your lipstick laced? Don’t be a metal mouth.

New research: Wear Makeup, Look Younger (hello!)

benefits of the mediterranean diet

Is the Mediterranean diet the best diet ever? I’m a believer.

Go three days without shampooing using a few ingenious products that even I had never heard of.

The scary number of people who don’t wash their face + why you really, REALLY should.

low cal cocktails

Low-calorie summer cocktails. Cheers!

Speaking of which, wine boosts your brain power.

Why fat talk is bad for your friendships. Also: Should you toss your skinny jeans?

cucumber rosewater toner

These DIY Summer Fruit Treatments have me reaching for the produce.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Botox but were afraid to ask.

I knew there was a reason I liked avocados so much.


May 22, 2013

How to Have a Good Hair Day


I have the prettiest readers! As our #youknowyoulookgood challenge with Vidal Sassoon comes to a close, I just had to share of their good hair day pics + tips. I owe most of mine to hot rollers and a whole lot of hair spray. –Bets

@beautycareme: My fav is big hair & side bangs. Tip: bangs = quick makeover

@amyschlott: Stop washing your hair every day! Washing less has helped my dry hair!

@carlymae: for a good hair day, when all else fails: top knot

@ninabadzen I LIVE for dry shampoo, esp if I’ve managed a good blowout. I want it to last!

@dyane I use coconut oil on damp hair & large sponge rollers overnight.

@_mariahdelucco: #YouKnowYouLookGood when your make-up comes out perfect & you straighten all your hair without forgetting one strand

@beautybets My #1 hair tip: Spritz in dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed. Wake up with clean hair!

September 25, 2012

Fall Beauty Essential #8: Big Hair

I have a 365-day-a-year love affair with big hair, but this fall I’ve got something new in my product arsenal: Lush BIG shampoo  ($25). A quizzical formulation that I often describe as “kosher salt suspended in goop” (heavenly scented goop, but goop nonetheless). BIG’s heavy dose of sea salt strips away dead skin cells and ubiquitous product build-up from the roots, lifting and sweeping away the debris that weighs hair down, keeping us from the Bridgette Bardot-sized updos we all dream of achieving. Work a palm-sized scoop into your scalp and enjoy a super fragrant, sudsy wash. After a thorough rinse I like to condition using a dab of my favorite $7 conditioner, being careful to hit only the ends so as to not undo all of the wonderful lifting, cleansing action. Whether you follow up with hot or velcro rollers, a diffuser or simply air dry is up to you. No matter what, you’ll be enjoying build-up free, remarkably soft hair with undeniable oomph. And that looks good on any girl—fall, winter, spring or summer.  –Meghan

July 11, 2012

How to Tease Your Hair

For those of you who can’t make it to Blowdry! or just want big hair on the cheap, our Beauty Thrifter, Meghan, has teased out her tried-and-true tips for channeling a classy poof:
  • Trying to tease too much hair at a time is the number one mistake beginners make. Start with small section of hair, teasing it at the roots, then work your way around the crown, flipping each section of hair forward when you’re done with it. Once you’ve finished one row, work your way back, again, teasing small sections at a time. I save my sides for last since they usually need just a small amount of teasing.
  • Start a few inches in front of where you want your volume to be. I used to start teasing right at the crown, leaving me with a flat crown and puffy back-of-the-head. Now I know that in order to get sassy crown volume, I basically need to start back-combing the hair right behind my bangs.
  • Go big! It’s easier to brush out extra volume (is there such a thing?) than to add more once you’ve finished teasing. Voluminous hair styles are dramatic and attention-getting–don’t be afraid!
  • Practice makes perfect. Like any skill, teasing takes time to master. Watch videos on YouTube (this one really made sense to me when I was learning), try a few different combos of product and combs and in no time you’ll be pumping up the volume like a champ.

Don’t be such a tease! What tips did we miss?

December 1, 2010

Splurge vs. Save: Volumizing Mousse

Dolly, Bridgette, Bobbie, Ann-Margret. One thing nearly all of my beauty icons have in common is big, sexy, full-bodied hair. And while my teasing brush and Velcro rollers are affordable essentials for getting huge hair, who has the time? For the days when I need to wash, dry, and get the heck out of the house, I’ve been reaching for Fantastic Style Volumizing Root Lift. It’s surprisingly cheap for how quickly it plumps up my strands. After I work in a heaping palmful from root to tip, I blow-dry using a bristle brush to pull strands skyward (instead of flipping my head over, which will give you wide hair, not big hair) and voila—light, easy-to-achieve volume. And with a price tag that’s $5 less than a similar (albeit more earth-friendly) product, it’s a purchase that even Dolly would approve.

Fantastic Style products are available at Fantastic Sams salons around the country.

Meghan McAndrews is the founder of High Plains Thrifter and the editor-in-chief of all things cheap at beautybets.com. Her Beauty Thrifter column appears every Wednesday.

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