April 15, 2014
blood moon eclipse

A Total Eclipse of The Heart

blood moon eclipse

In the wee hours this morning there was a rare blood moon. This extra-special total lunar eclipse takes on a coppery red hue as the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow and shimmers of sunlight seep through the Earth’s atmosphere. I missed it. Fast asleep after staying up late to read Divergent. If you did too, here’s the sight you missed. Pretty spectacular. But what intrigues me even more is what this eclipse means for our lives. My go-to planetary babes the Astro Twins shared this guidance with all of us:

Tuesday, April 15 is major, since it marks the first eclipse of 2014. Eclipses always fall during new and full moons, bringing a supersized push to our efforts. This one is a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra, the sign of partnerships. Relationships will be the grand theme of the week: balancing the power, figuring out what is REALLY right for us, creating harmony and restoring love. Eclipses reveal shadows and hidden opportunities. Some of us could be swept off our feet by an unexpected romance while others may have the white light realization that they need to end an affair. Business partnerships are also blessed by this eclipse so go ahead and pitch that joint venture. As Libra governs the law, this is a good time to make everything official. Put a ring on it, or some ink on it. Spelling out the terms on the front end can preserve long-term harmony.

Whew! Heavy, exciting stuff. Has anyone else felt literally on the edge of their seat lately, like something is about to happen or change? I’m typically so uneasy about limbo but have decided to embrace this atmospheric shift, trust in the universe, and just go with it!

November 6, 2012

Of All The Days For Mercury to be in Retrograde.

Honestly, do we really need this planet? All it seems to do is go backward and turn life upside down. From today until November 26, Mercury passes the Earth in its orbit—otherwise known as retrograde. Otherwise known as TOTAL CHAOS. At least in the communication, organization and detail-oriented departments. So basically everything. Now is the time to cross your Ts and dot your Is, avoid any major changes or new undertakings, and triple check your emails before hitting Reply All. There’s also the whole election thing. According to my go-to astrology advisors, the Astro Twins: “As you head to the voting booths today, concentrate deeply on the lever you’re pressing. The last time Mercury was retrograde on Election Day was in 2000 when Al Gore was declared President of the USA, only to discover the next day that Bush actually won due to a miscount. It’s already a nail-biting election to begin with, here’s hoping Mercury’s retrograde doesn’t add more drama to the mix.”  –Bets

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