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June 13, 2017

Why It’s Time to Stop Apologizing

We are trying something new in our house: not apologizing. The “I’m sorry’s” have gotten out of control. We apologize for everything from forgetting to buy the toothpaste to taking a section of the newspaper on Sunday morning. Rarely have we done something wrong or hurtful. We’re simply doing our best and being ourselves. When did that become an offense? Once Ty pointed out that I constantly apologize, I started noticing that most women I encounter do, too. I was on an airplane this weekend and the stranger next to me apologized for getting up to go to the bathroom! Apologies have become so commonplace that I wonder if we even know the damage they are causing. When we apologize for our choices, actions, and our every word and deed, we are apologizing for ourselves. It’s enough to contend with the negative talk in your head, but apologizing for no good reason is a public rejection of self.

Apologies have also become so reflexive, they’re losing meaning—and making it harder for us to offer a true apology when one is actually warranted. How many people do you know who become defensive when they hurt or offend you? Suddenly all bets are off and we’re too cool to accept that we may have work to do. We simultaneously crave acceptance and fear rejection and the result are superficial relationships with not only each other but with ourselves. In order to connect on a more meaningful level we need to stand in our truth and accept our fate, even when it means admitting imperfection. Yesterday I learned a trick from a friend to combat the knee-jerk apology: Instead of saying I’m sorry, say Thank You . . . for being patient, for being kind, for being accepting, for being a good friend/partner/kiddo, for loving me just the way I am.


June 8, 2017

When Life Gives you Lemons – Mocktail!

Healthy Drink Recipe: The Millionaire Mocktail | Beauty Bets

Remember that month I went without boozin’? Seems so very long ago but alas it was just in October when I said goodbye to the bottle for 4 weeks and reaped the benefit of a healthier lifestyle (my skin looked so good, you guys). I’ve returned to imbibing here and there but definitely have a newfound respect and appreciation for longer stretches without over-indulging.

Perhaps you’re trying to cut back, are pregnant, don’t drink or are just in the mood for something refreshing that isn’t Frosé ? Whichever it is, I’m excited to share one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks with you. This is like the sober girl’s version of a Millionaire Sour (I recommend one…you know, when you’re in the mood for whiskey).

Healthy Drink Recipe: The Millionaire Mocktail | Beauty Bets

Millionaire Mocktail
The secret to this recipe is a killer, lemon-y simple syrup. To make Lemon Simple Syrup, simply dissolve ¼ cup of granulated sugar in ¼ cup of water in a saucepan over low heat. Trying to lay off the sugar? Mix it with honey or your favorite healthy sweetener instead. Once dissolved, mix in ¾ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Store your syrup in a cute glass container.

You will need:

2 oz Lemon Simple Syrup
2 oz Diet Ginger Ale
¼ cup of crushed ice
¼ shot of Grenadine

Mix all ingredients into a fancy glass to mix everything in. The portion size of this mocktail is relatively small, feel free to double up or top with additional ginger ale!

June 5, 2017

Join Me in Barcelona for The Creative Retreat of Our Dreams!

In a world where we have access to just about everything our hearts desire, I continue to crave more connection. Real, human interaction, without the noise and distraction of our always-on way of life. It’s a paradox that isn’t lost on me or any modern-day entrepreneur who relies on social media to fuel her business. But what if we could learn from and support each other without the trappings of the digital age? What if all of that knowledge and curiosity could be captured in a setting that inspires instead of draining us of our creative energy? It’s a dream shared by the founders + friends behind The Collective Europe, a four-day, all-inclusive, tech-free retreat for aspiring entrepreneurs coming October 5–8. Held in the mountains of Barcelona (!!) and hosted by a roster of international speakers selected for their creativity and innovation as well as their commitment to paying it forward, The Collective will help you navigate your professional journey through self-development seminars, hands-on creative workshops from artists and makers, and innovative tools for business growth. But wait, there’s more! Smartphones will be checked at the door and each day will include outdoor activities, yoga, meditation, and plenty of time for just being.

It’s exactly the sort of retreat that I wish had existed 10 years ago when I was starting out and felt alone and overwhelmed. Which is why I’m all the more honored to be speaking at the inaugural event, leading a class on How to Grow Your Business via Pinterest, Through Compelling Content and Simple Tricks, as well as sharing my very personal experience with evolving your business. I don’t know what I’m more excited about: supporting participants from all over the world or being one myself! Solo travel in a learning environment is one of the most enriching experiences I know—and have never regretted. If you, too, are craving community versus competition, if you’re ready to refresh your mind and spirit while jump-starting your business, join me at The Collective! Early bird tickets are still available but only until June 9! Get yours here.

June 1, 2017

Les Bonbons

Every season I seem to fixate on at least one trend and won’t rest until I get my hands on it. This habit as plagued me since the sixth grade when Multiples became a thing. I also thought I might DIE if I didn’t have a canvas Esprit bag. While my tastes have unfortunately gotten more expensive, knock-offs have gotten more abundant—and acceptable. Let’s take Les Bonbons earrings.

Luella & June

All the rage last summer with the fashion blogger set, these massive, beaded beauties are about the yummiest statement jewelry I’ve seen since Diana Broussard’s chainlink necklaces. The original design, by Rebecca de Ravenel, come in the boldest of hues that instantly elevates any outfit and totally makes all of the off-the-shoulder tops and dresses of the season. They also come in gold, white, or black, an even more dramatic option.

Gal Meets Glam

Les Bonbons are basically keeping me up at night. They’re also just shy of $300.I’m all for investment pieces but for such an over-the-top look I’m afraid we’ll be over it by next summer. A few more finds at a price point that will still allow you to have your bon bons and eat them too:

1. Target has jumped on the bandwagon in partnership with Baublebar—for $12.99. // 2. Bauble Bar is also doing a higher end version, Vivid Crispin Ball Earrings for $48 (above). Both are smaller and made of fabric instead of beads, but the pink and yellow are spot-on. // 3. A quick search on Etsy for “bonbon earrings” yields gobs of goodies. // 4. Finally, Kenneth Jay Lane Triple Tier Drop earrings ($88) are the closest thing to the real deal in terms of size and quality. Resist taking a bite if you see me wearing a pair!

May 30, 2017

My Go-To Summer Shave Gel

This post is brought to you in partnership with Skintimate® Shave Gel. As always, all opinions are my own.

When you live in the North, you count the days until you can trade in your wellies and jeans for sandals and sundresses. That is, until you realize your legs haven’t seen the light of day for months. Cue Skintimate®!

No other time is my go-to shave gel more necessary then when I’m prepping my legs in the shower to hang out at one of Minneapolis’ gorgeous chain of lakes with my white lab, Molly. We live nearby and spend every free moment walking, running or sprawling out on a picnic blanket with a wedding to-do list and snack (fruit and nuts for me, organic dog treats for her).

Here in my jean shorts or off-the-shoulder number my legs are on full display. Seeing them is a daily reminder that I need to a) exercise! and b) give them extra love with a moisturizing shave gel like Skintimate®. None of the soap and water business that can be so drying! Skintimate® helps you never miss a spot because you can see exactly where you have shaved and where you haven’t, leaving you feeling confident and ready for the great outdoors. No nicks or razor burn here, and no do-overs required!

I’m a sucker for fruity scents and the Raspberry Rain formula not only smells like fresh raspberries but also contains six moisturizers including Vitamin E and Olive Butter to help replenish skin’s natural moisture for healthy and beautiful skin. Molly approves, too.

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