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August 17, 2017

Wedding Skincare Prep with SK-II

Friends, our October wedding beauty countdown is officially ON. Never have I been more conscious of how I’m caring my skin—and that’s saying something considering I was already obsessive about it! I have many wishes for the most beautiful day of my life, and one of them is to look as radiant and joyful on the outside as I feel on the inside. To ensure that wedding-ready glow, I’ve embarked on a #OneBottleAwayFrom journey with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

I’ve been giving my skin the royal treatment in preparation: drinking more water, staying out of the sun, and treating it to the best products. I remembered that a wedding makeup artist friend, Hannah (who’s also contributed to this blog, so you know she means business), swears by SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and decided to incorporate it into my routine. It also didn’t hurt that Cate Blanchett swears by this “miracle water” and you know how flawless her skin is . . .

SK-II is one of those rare brands that combines luxury and science to skin-transforming effect. With Facial Treatment Essence you’re not just investing in a gorgeous bottle (though there’s that), you’re feeding your skin with more than 90% pure Pitera™, a very special ingredient discovered in Japan 37 years ago and derived from a unique yeast strain from a natural sake fermentation process. Pitera™ promotes skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process and balances the moisture barrier. Translation: smoother texture, more even skin tone (so long, sunspots), and more hydrated, radiant skin.

I can’t help but feel like a million dollars when I’m pressing SK-II Facial Treatment Essence it into my skin morning and night (after cleansing and before moisturizing). It’s a moment of zen, a reminder to slow down amidst the excitement of party planning and monogramming anything that will sit still. And my skin has never looked better—or more bride-like.

P.S. You don’t need a wedding to transform your skin! Take SK-II’s #OneBottleAwayFrom journey and experience the beautifying benefits of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

This post is sponsored by SK-II.

August 16, 2017

How to Detox your Armpits

I feel like I’ve been trying to switch to natural deodorant for the past 3 or 4 years. I’d find or hear about a natural deo that sounded promising. I’d buy it. I’d start using it. I’d get sore armpits or a rash and switch back to my conventional deodorant for a few months. Repeat.

Are you stuck in this cycle, too? It seems we aren’t alone, because I recently saw an online thread where many women were lamenting about the struggle to make the switch, with all of us having the same symptoms. That’s when someone suggested giving your armpits the same grace you give your face, and recognizing that after years of slathering them in toxic ingredients they’ll need the same detox process that your face needs when you switch to cleaner skincare or makeup.

I’ve been through those processes already (annoying, but so worth it), but never really thought about the rashes or stinging in my armpits as being signs of detox. I started thinking about how I could help them out and care for them through the process so that I could, for once, make the switch permanent.

For ten days I tried a very simple Armpit Detox using the following rules:

  1. I wore deodorant as rarely as possible, but used Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream when I couldn’t do without for events or important meetings. 
  2. I wore natural-fibered tops (they’ll help keep you naturally cool and dry).
  3. I stayed hydrated (dehydration can lead to stronger body odors). 
  4. At night I applied Thayer’s Witch Hazel to both armpits using a cotton pad (keeping a few witch hazel soaked cotton pads or paper towels in a ziplock bag in your purse is also a great way to get through those deodorant-free days).
  5. Every 5 days I applied a Betonite Clay Mask for 15 minutes in the morning (this one is available at Whole Foods but this one on Amazon is also great). I recommend doing this in the morning, drinking 16 oz of water while the mask is on, and trying to get at least 80-100 oz of water in throughout that day. The water will help aid in the detox process by flushing your system. I prefer this over putting on the mask and then going to sleep.

After this 10-Day Armpit Detox process you should have managed to avoid the worst of rashes or stinging armpits and hopefully made a permanent transition to a healthy deodorant. But try not to stop the pit pampering there—exfoliate them, apply natural oils or moisturizers to them before bed. Keep up with an occasional bentonite clay mask.

A slight rash or some discoloration could still occur while your armpits detox, but this process will hopefully help speed up the process while providing a very thorough detox that help improve the condition of your precious little pits and prep them for a lifetime of safe, natural deodorant. I’m on my 3rd week of au naturale and loving it (highly recommend that Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream)!

August 14, 2017

S2, E5: Dr. Julie Von, Holistic Fertility Expert

In this week’s episode we talk to Dr. Julie Von about the powerful, complex and very emotional link between spirituality and fertility. Dr. Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor who merges her medical education with intuition into a method called Psychic Fertility. Through her unconventional approach and wisdom, she has assisted countless couples and individuals in conceiving and carrying healthy children into the world. I asked my dear friend Christina to join the conversation as her own fertility journey shed light on a topic that I, admittedly, know very little about.

Dr. Julie Von
Basal Body Temperature 
The Oracle deck (coming soon)

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August 10, 2017

Travel Tips for Barcelona, Spain

We’re just 8 weeks out from The Collective Europe in Barcelona! This all-inclusive, retreat-style conference October 5-8 promises to help you disconnect from technology (and social media!) while truly connecting you with like-minded people through meaningful conversation and creative workshops. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Nothing is more nurturing to the soul than beautiful scenery, incredible food, and quality time spent doing the things that make you happy. You can read more about what to except from my Pinterest presentation over at The Collective’s blog!

I am so looking forward to this retreat—both as an attendee and a speaker—and would love for you to join me if you’re able! Beauty Bets readers receive 20% off tickets with promo code BEAUTYBETS20! Get yours right here.

Travel Tips for Barcelona, Spain + the tech-free retreat you don't want to miss! | Beauty Bets

The second I finalized my plans to speak at The Collective Europe Conference in Barcelona, Spain I started crowd-sourcing tips from friends who have been. The food and bevies are always a focal point of my travel, which has helped me realize that they are something that bring me joy—especially when accompanied by good company! I’ve dabbled in Spanish cuisine, but there’s nothing like the real thing. After some brief research (and a bit of drool) I have a short list of local treats I’m anxious to try:

Paella – This dish is usually cooked over an open fire and usually has a bubbling, tomato-based broth with anything from meat, fish or seafood cooked in to simmer low and slow. It is served over rice and usually varies greatly from chef to chef. Guess that just means I’ll have to try it everywhere I go!

Sangria – A traditional Spanish sangria has a red wine base, but typically includes brandy and triple sec as well. The star of the show, however, is the soaked fruit. I’m all about a good glass of wine, so was pleased to hear that sangria isn’t the only wine-based bevvie in Spain — others include tinto de verano and kalimotxo.

Patatas Bravas – Like poutine or a good cheese curd, this potato dish can typically be found in casual restaurants or bars across Spain. It consists of potatoes that are both baked and fried, then topped with a spicy sauce and usually finished with a drizzle of fresh cream. I can’t stop googling photos of these and am going to try to control myself.

Café – Apparently a strong cup of Spanish coffee is as good as it gets. Good news for this caffeine fiend! They serve it up all sorts of ways so here’s my cheat sheet (because one can never have too much coffee):

Café cortado – espresso with a drop of milk
Café solo – espresso
Café con leche – espresso with milk
Café descafeinado – decaf coffee
Café con hielo – espresso over ice

Travel Tips for Barcelona, Spain + the tech-free retreat you don't want to miss! | Beauty Bets

The Collective Europe takes place in the mountains. Which is perfect, because I feel so at home in that terrain and already know how happy my heart will be. However, I am also at home with a good book, beachy hair, salty skin, and the sound of the ocean, so I hope to find time to park myself on one of Spain’s many beaches during my time there. I feel blessed to know so many adventurous friends who have already been, and have passed on their favorite spots to me.

Cala de Algaiarens – Menorca is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and along it’s shoreline you’ll find many coves (calas). Since many of them are only accessible by boat, you can often find ones that are pretty private, and if you’re lucky, you might get one all to yourself!

Playa de Llagosteira – In the far northwest corner of Spain you’ll find a beach that is almost 2 miles long, and unlike Cala de Algaiarens, this one has amenities, restaurants, and lots of people watching. Rumor has it that there is an old cruise liner that sunk near the north end of the beach, drawing both snorkelers and divers.

Cabo de Ajo – If you prefer your beach with a side of insanely huge, rocky cliffs, then Cabo de Ajo might be the beach for you. When I first googled it, the photos really fooled me! Located on the Cantabrian coastline (north central spain), this beach almost looks like it could be in Ireland, but with far better weather. Beautiful stretches of beach are butted up against towering cliffs and blue ocean. This one might be at the top of my list.

Does Spain sound like a dream come true to you? Feeling like you could use a few days of unplugged, tech-free bliss? Consider planning a trip of your own and meeting me at The Collective Europe this October! There’s still time to take advantage of the 20% discount for BB readers—used promo code BEAUTYBETS20 when you purchase your tickets here. Adios for now!

Travel Tips for Barcelona, Spain + the tech-free retreat you don't want to miss! | Beauty Bets
August 7, 2017

S2 Ep4: Darla Antoine, Dream Guide

Dreams have helped Darla Antoine navigate every major life transition and decisions, from divorce to moving to another country to starting a life with a near-stranger. Today’s she’s here to help us with our dreams as divine guidance. But first, a love story for the ages.


The Copper Scarab
Guided Journeys
Divina Dream Journal
Work with Your Ancestors
Dream Course

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