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August 29, 2017

Food Doubt is Real—But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Confession: I am constantly thinking about what I’m currently eating and what I’m going to eat next. Partly because I love food, but mostly because there’s so much noise out there about what foods are good for you and what foods aren’t. One day avocados are the best thing ever, the next they’re too fattening and hard on your heart. One article says drink a glass of wine a day, the other says don’t. My food doubt is at an all-time high, people!

And I’m not alone: research conducted by Special K revealed that women spend 61 minutes every day second-guessing their food choices. That’s an hour trying to decide what you “should” eat, regretting what you eat, wondering if a bad choice was “worth it,” or figuring out how to balance an “indulgence.” It also adds up to nearly 15 days a year—more than most of us get in vacation! Ugh.

As someone who runs a business from home, I can’t afford to spend time second-guessing my food choices. I’ve been taking back my day by keeping energizing options on hand. For breakfast, which I often eat in bed while catching up on the news, I’ve been devouring Special K Nourish cereal.

Chock-full of satisfying nuts, dried fruit and fiber-rich whole grains, it’s a delicious and nutritious way to start the day. Special K cereals deliver various nutrients, making them a no-brainer way to get a dose of iron, folic acid and vitamin A and C. (Note: the Nourish cereal also makes an excellent bedtime snack!)

When the afternoon cravings strike, I reach for Special K protein snack bars. Woah. What tastes like chocolate, cherries and (salted!) peanuts and go together for the sole purpose of driving me wild is actually a wholesome, 150-calorie protein powerhouse.

I love these bars. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t care, but as long as they are on hand I know that I’ll be productive until dinner.

Do you struggle with food doubt? Join me and #OwnIt by taking back every second and eating with confidence.

Brought to you in partnership with Special K. As always, opinions are my own. | PHOTOS: Eliesa Johnson

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