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February 17, 2017

Eyebrow Microblading Review

Undercover Beauty: one of our beauty experts undergoes her first Eyebrow Microblading appointment to help shape and fill in her brows!

When I was in second grade I stood in the entryway of my house and shaved my eyebrows off with a pink Bic razor. I can literally remember the entire process of carefully thinning and shaping my brows, just like my mom and sister (for some reason I thought that’s what razors were for, nbd) and eventually got to a point of no return…my brows just got thinner and further apart until eventually I just shaved them off entirely and put on a hat.

Props to my mom who somehow managed to not obnoxiously laugh (or cry) in my face when she saw what I’d done, and also to my second grade teacher who let me wear a hat for the next two weeks.

And that, my friends, is where my story with eyebrows begins. Over the past 31 years they’ve been shaved off, over-plucked, cursed at, tinted, subjected to $8 wax jobs and then, thank god, totally rehabbed. They’ve come a long way, and I love where they are at now thanks to my eyebrow coach, Buttercup Beauty, who has spent the past 6 months swatting my hands away from the tweezer and lovingly whipping my brows back into shape. The first time she tinted, shaped and filled my brows nearly brought me to tears. I really had no idea the magic that a true brow technician can work (this is the part where I tell you that if you’re still paying your hair stylist $8 to wax your brows you need to upgrade that routine, stat). Before Microblading

Here’s where I’m at currently with my brows. On the left are my brows totally bare. Mind you that they haven’t been touched by Kylene in a good six weeks, so normally I’d have them tinted and shaped and they’d look a little better naturally. On the right is my regular day-to-day look, with a bit of brow powder added to fill them in and enhance the shape.

When Kylene got certified in Microblading I knew I’d be enthusiastically trusting her with my face! I’m excited to see what a little microblading can do to further fill in some of the spots that we haven’t been able to fix through regrowing or tinting.  I have a small scar in my left brow where hair doesn’t grow and an unruly arch that never matches the other, and although my brows are pretty thick at the beginning, they get sparse on the ends. These are things that microblading can help correct. So, now that you know why I’m opting to try microblading, let me tell you more about what it is!

Microblading is, in essence, tattooed eyebrows. But girl, these aren’t your mama’s tattooed brows! Erase that visual from your mind. Microblading, when done by a properly trained technician, is really more of an art form, where they carefully sculpt your brows using tiny, microscopic strokes. The initial appointment takes 2-3 hours and cost can range from $400-$1500 depending on where you go and the level of expertise of your technician. Careful placement and shading yields a very natural 3D effect and after a healing period and a touch-up appointment you get to wake up every day with perfect brows.  Just look at some of these before and afters!

Microblading Before and Afters by Buttercup Beauty

So, today’s the day that I go in for my first appointment for Microblading. Afterwards there’ll be a 1-week healing period where I have to keep my brows moisturized and avoid sweating, swimming, washing them, etc. After that I’ll wait another 4-6 weeks and then pop back into Buttercup Beauty for a touch-up appointment.

Horrified? Interested? Just really curious to see how this all goes down? Pop over to my Instagram Story, where I’ll be posting throughout the day with live updates on the procedure as well as the recovering over the next week! Check back in about 6 weeks for my final before and after!



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