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November 21, 2016

A Cure For Your Holiday Hangovers

A Cure for Your Holiday Hangovers | Beauty Bets

I drank a lot while I wasn’t drinking for Sober October. Our wine fridge was stocked with coconut water, mineral water, kombucha, sparkling cider . . . anything to pre-occupy me and trick my cravings.  At first it was because I needed something fun to sip on come Friday night (unfortunately, no amount of bubbly water replaces beer with pizza). But the more life-enhancing beverages I consumed, the more I started noticing how good they made me feel. Sure, I missed the mellowing effects of a glass of wine and the rush from a nip of tequila, but there was no denying how energized and alert I felt after a green drink like Blueprint’s Watercress Warrior. There are so many juices out there now, but this is one of the few that contain zero fruit, just the greens. That means you’re getting all of the goodness without spiking your blood sugar or downing a bunch of empty calories. If you’ve never tried a truly green juice like this, the flavor may take a little getting used to. It’s not sweet, but it is pure, earthy goodness. I can actually feel it in my entire body when I drink one of these, like I’m replenishing a machine that’s tired, bloated, sluggish. It’s better, and more sustaining, than a cup of coffee. Which is why I’m recommending you order up a pack for sipping on post-Thanksgiving, or to keep on hand throughout the holiday party scene when mornings can be rough. Full disclosure: Now that I’m back to imbibing in a little champagne on special occasions, I’ll be relying on this stuff to rehydrate and combat any hangovers the next day. Cheers!

P.S. You can order Blueprint’s Watercress Warrior and have it delivered refrigerated to your doorstep. It’s not cheap, but totally worth it if swapping in for a glass of wine or Venti latte. 


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