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August 8, 2016

Weird But True: A Water Filter Changed My Life

How the Soma Water Filter Changed My Life | Beauty Bets

Living in a condo has been surprisingly peaceful. I thought I’d miss the house more, with all of it’s charm and fenced-in backyard, but honestly I don’t one bit. It’s so easy here in our maintenance-free zone! Which means more time to spend doing the things we love, not house projects. We’ve had an embarrassingly good time nerding out in our massive kitchen, where we love to cook elaborate Sunday Suppers and debate the finer points of spatulas. One of the first gadgets he bought was in response to my mild panic over not having a built-in filtered water dispenser. The idea of using a Brita brought me right back to my first apartment, with that sad, blue plastic container sitting in the refrigerator surrounded by yogurt and baby carrots. Our Soma, on the other hand, has completely changed my view of filtered water pitchers. For starters, the filter is naturally coconut-based (good stuff stays in, bad stay out). You can even sign up for Soma to deliver a fresh one to your doorstep every two months so you don’t have to go to Target (did I just say that?!). Second, the carafes are made of glass, not plastic, so pouring from one feels more like a ritual than a chore. Slow water, if you will. The simple act actually makes me appreciate clean water more, and the good it’s doing for my body. It’s definitely improved my daily water intake, too. Finally, I love supporting this San Francisco start-up whose founders share my dislike of traditional water filters: Too much plastic. Too many chemicals. Too ugly! They set out to make something better and did just that. Cheers!




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