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August 5, 2016

Summer Things I Want to Eat

It’s a rare summer weekend when we get to spend it at home, lounging on the deck, hitting the farmers market and cooking to our heart’s content. My needs are simple but specific: grilled corn, perfectly ripened tomatoes, and pork of any kind as long as it hits the grill. 

Summer Recipes I Want to Eat | Beauty Bets

It’s officially corn season here in MN and my body must know because I can’t stop thinking about it. Everything is better on the grill, including cobs. I usually turn it into a salad but may stop short with a schmear of herb-by or cheesy butter. Keeping the charred husked because it looks better that way on a big, white platter, yes? (Foodie Crush)

Summer Recipes I Want to Eat | Beauty Bets

Stephanie Meyer’s herby, spicy, sweet and savory Vietnamese Pork Skewers are all my favorite flavors on one plate. I’ve love assembly-required meals like this because they forces me to slow down, admire every ingredient and appreciate every bite. Also, I (mostly) don’t miss the gluten.

Summer Recipes I Want to Eat | Beauty Bets

I grew up totally spoiled by a mother and two grandmothers who baked fruit pies, crisps and cobblers from scratch (and taught me the difference). Go figure that I have never baked one myself but just might have to after laying eyes on Sassy Kitchen’s Strawberry and Apricot Cornmeal Cobbler. Because there are BISCUITS on top.

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